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Website Upgrade. OK, I was getting ‘500 server error’ messages this morning and I know the website is usually slow. I emailed the hosting company and they told me I need a better server. After nosing around I’m upgrading to a server that’s enhanced for WordPress, managed, automatically backed up and has more memory and RAM. Hopefully this will eliminate problems and make things zippier. I’ll let you know when it’s done. Time to quit procrastinating, which I’m a professional at. Thanks!

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SITE UPGRADE DONE: OK – problem was the sidebar login plugin. That has been turned off and the regular old Meta login/logout widget has been put up. I think that should do it. Please let me know if you have any problems with anything. I’ll check the posts here for awhile.

POSTING AND COMMENT UPDATE: Posters, I added a new category “News 2016” please check that when you post. You can use another category like “Politics” or “Guns” along with it if you like. This helps with the SEO.

COMMENTORS: I removed a lot of words we didn’t allow like the f-bomb, I left a few in. If your post doesn’t show up right away it’s usually because one of the banned words is in there. Then it has to wait until I edit it. The words I eliminated should reduce this problem.


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