Trump gets first Senate endorsement. Well you can’t honestly say sessions isn’t a conservative. We’d bet that by tomorrow he’ll be known as a RINO in some circles.

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The Latest: Nevada governor doesn’t want to be on high court. Well, so much for Obama’s executive trolling.

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McConnell will not meet with Obama’s nominee. Sorry Mitch, but we have no faith you’ll follow through on this. If you don’t there probably won’t be much of the GOP left to worry about.

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Sen. Mark Kirk: Obama’s Supreme Court pick deserves fair hearing in Senate. Here’s a new target. When he loses reelection he may be one cog in getting the Democrats a Senate majority. Way to go Republicans.

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Hey GOP Senators, This Is It – No Hearings No Votes.  Bend forward for Obama’s appointment and you’ll find yourselves bending over on election day.

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Murkowski: Obama’s Supreme Court nominee should get a Senate hearing. Let the waffling begin!

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Hatch: Don’t block vote on SCOTUS nominee. The RINO circus is starting. Prepare to bend forward and grab you ankles. It’s becoming obvious the Republicans do not want to win this election. What better way to do it than piss off almost every Republican in the country by giving something to Obama he doesn’t deserve?

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White House: Obama ‘regrets’ his filibuster of Supreme Court nominee. Yeah, now that it’s coming back to bite him in the ass he does.

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Mitch McConnell stands at the crux of U.S. history.

This is perhaps the most important judicial appointment in the history of the United States.

We’re already seeing rumors of Mitch McConnell folding on Obama’s new SCOTUS nominee, something Mitch and much of the GOPe seem to be professionals at.

Democrats including Obama, the Clintons, Sanders, Schumer, Reid and a host of others smell blood and the pressure is on to get McConnell to cave in and let Obama have his way again.

What they’re trying to foist upon everyone including McConnell is that the Senate must act on Obama’s candidate, there’s only a limited amount of time, they must hold a hearing and vote, none of which is correct. They know the  Senate is under no constitutional obligation to do anything with any appointee but they’ll keep the pressure on.

McConnell has two choices. He fold or he can man up, cross his arms, tell Grassley to shut up about hearings and simply tell Obama “NO!” This is what puts McConnell at the crux of U.S. history.

The latter means Obama will not be making any lame duck appointments and could provide an opportunity for a new Republican president to appoint a new conservative justice. The worst case is that Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders will make an appointment that could still be somewhat controlled if a Republican majority with some backbone still holds the Senate.

Think about things like: if you like gay marriage you’ll love people marrying their pets, parents, brothers and sisters. You’ll love billions of  new “immigrants,” free everything, living in Soviet style cement housing with 5 families to an apartment, Sharia Law, no Constitution, the death of Christianity and gulags. When they run out of other people’s money the fun will really begin. (Think Venezuela)

A lot of Republicans stayed home during the last election. If Mitch folds, watch the number of ticked off Republican voters who will stay home increase by millions. There will be no need to vote because it won’t matter whether you vote for Trump, Bush, Kasich, Carson, Rubio or Snoopy, it’s over.

So Mitch? Do you want to go down in history as Senate Leader by actually leading? Or do you want to go down in history as Obama’s Bitch Mitch, destroyer of the Republic?

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