Emory Students Express Discontent With Administrative Response to Trump Chalkings. Special snowflakes afraid because of ‘Trump’ chalked on sidewalk. Perhaps the USMC should save money turning their recruits into femboys and just recruit straight from Emory.

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Feds join probe after George Mason University students arrested, one with bomb-making materials. Is Bill Ayers teaching here? Just asking.

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Enrollment at Mizzou Falls by 1,500 Students, Creating $32 Million Budget Shortfall. Yes folks, many people with brains do not want to attend an institution of lower learning or pay for their children to learn how to be special snowflakes.


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The dumbing down of grade schoolers. We live within earshot of an elementary school. We were outside one morning when we heard the recess buzzer (bells are evidently passé in the People’s Paradise of California). Immediately afterwards we hear some dude on a loudspeaker says “freeze, freeze.” He then proceeds to tell them “recess is over, put your balls away.” A minute or two later he blares out “some of you have left your jackets on the playground, pick up your jackets.” This is why you get libtard young adults who question nothing and vote like they’re told (Democrat). From an early age they’re not taught to think, just to do as they’re told. The brainwashing starts early these days.

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UC Berkeley Student Group: We Oppose Cops PROTECTING Us From Terrorist Attacks. Seriously? This is OK. No terrorist worth his salt would waste any time on blowing up these dummies. It would almost be redundant.

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New York Board Votes to Allow Illegals to Teach, Obtain Professional Licenses. New York does it, now how long before Jerry Brown’s dim-bulb lights up and California does it?

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VIDEO: Black Student Union Members Assault Breitbart Journalist at Ben Shapiro Protest. Way to win friends.

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University of Missouri curators vote to fire Melissa Click. Special snowflakes should be getting the vapors and fainting all over campus any minute now.

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Brown students complain homework is interfering with their activism. Poor special snowflakes. Wait until they graduate and realize no one’s hiring people with Art or Gender Studies degrees and they have to move back into mommie’s basement.

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OU professor: Youths’ attraction to Sanders shows education failure. Yeah, they all think they’re going to get free shit.

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University of Missouri learning painful lesson about cowardice. After they appeased Black Lives Matter protestors last fall, demonstrating a complete lack of moral integrity in the process, freshman enrollments for this fall are down 5% and graduate student applications have “plunged 19%.” In other words, anyone with a brain has decided to go elsewhere.

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Portland Community College to devote an entire month to ‘whiteness’-shaming. There has to be something in the granola up there.

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Garland girl suspended, potential alternative school time for sharing inhaler. Want to know why schools are cranking out morons? Look at the morons teaching them.

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