Republicans in Minnesota gave Democrats (actually, they’re called Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party members in Minnesota, for some odd reason) a two-punch knockout combo that offers Republicans in Washington, D.C., a roadmap for how to win the budget battle against Obama and his leftwing radical cohorts.


Coor cans (Stop groaning, damn it. That's a pretty damn good caption)

Question is, are Republicans in D.C. smart enough to read the map?

The whole situation in Minnesota was a mirror image of the battle at the federal level: a budget deficit that needed solving, Democrat governor who wanted tax increases, and a brand new Republican legislature that did NOT want tax increases and figured the only sane solution was to cut spending.

Sound familiar?

The governor had a hissy fit, refused to negotiate, and shut down the Minnesota government for almost two weeks.

The first lesson that was learned was, well, nobody gave a crap. Life pretty much went along even better than when the government was open. There were some complaints about closed state parks over the 4th of July weekend, but that was about it.

Things sailed along just fine and dandy until it was announced that MillerCoors Brewing would have to stop selling beer because their license was about to expire. That announcement came on day thirteen of the Minnesota government shutdown. On day fourteen, the governor miraculously decided to give the Republicans the no-tax budget solution they wanted. Call it a coincidence if you want.

Listen up Boehner and McConnell: Stand firm and let the president have his hissy fit and shut down the government if he wants. Nobody will really care. Then threaten the beer supply after a few days and Obama will fold like a cheap suit.

After all, what do liberals have if they don’t have beer?

– Written by J.P. Travis of

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Why is it that we believe Marco Rubio when he talks tough, but think that equally tough words from Mitch McConnell are simply a prelude to surrender. It’s almost like McConnell is a French name and surrender is genetic.

Despite our doubts, McConnell did talk tough. Is it possible that he means it?


“I was truly hopeful that the President could be persuaded to view the upcoming debt limit vote as an opportunity to cut Washington spending and the debt that has ballooned since he took office, and to preserve entitlements at the same time. But in the end, he just wasn’t interested in doing something of that magnitude that would pass. He really gave us three bad choices: higher taxes, smoke and mirrors, or default. And we refuse to accept any of them. Republicans will not be reduced to being the tax collectors for the Obama economy.

Don’t let us down, Mitch.

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We generally hate Congressional committee meetings because they’re such genteel events. Witnesses are generally handled with kid gloves and shown the utmost respect, even when they don’t deserve it.

With that in mind, let’s hear a big round of applause for Florida Republican Congressman Connie Mack. He managed to maintain that veneer of gentility while absolutely eviscerating a witness.

Mack found himself questioning Ron Bloom, a guy who is Senior Advisor to the Secretary of the Treasury, director of the President’s Task Force on the Automotive Industry and also the Administration’s Senior Counselor for Manufacturing Policy. His resume also lists stints as a labor negotiator and union lawyer for the United Steelworkers union and with SEIU.

It’s a beautiful thing to watch Mack expose Bloom up by playing video and audio clips of his extremist views. It’s even more beautiful to watch Bloom stutter and stammer and try to claim they were all said in jest.

That’s right. He didn’t really mean that the free market is nonsense. And he didn’t really mean he believes in making his negotiating opponents feel pain. And he didn’t really mean that he admired Mao’s violent tactics. No, those were jokes. Really funny jokes.

‘Cause everyone knows that Ron Bloom is a regular comedian.


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President Obama gave a speech Friday about the debt ceiling debate and said he was ready to roll up his sleeves and get to work with Congress.

That sounded vaguely familiar so we did a little Googling. Turns out the President loves to roll up his sleeves. So does the First Lady. In fact, we suspect that it’s a genetic thing that has probably been passed down to Malia and Sasha.

Seems to us that the President could save a lot of time if he started wearing short sleeve shirts. Just imagine how much more productive he could be if he didn’t have to spend so time rolling up the sleeves on those neatly-starched long-sleeve dress shirts he usually wears.

July 8, 2011
“The American people sent us here to do the right thing, not for party but for country. So, we’re going to work together to get things done on their behalf. That’s the least that they should expect of us. Not the most that they should expect of us. I am ready to roll up my sleeves over the next several weeks and next several months. I know that people in both parties are ready to do that as well, and we will keep you updated on the progress that we’re making on these debt limit talks over the next several days. Thank you,” President Obama said today about the debt talks.

June 26, 2011
Today, for the official kick off of United We Serve, members of my administration have fanned out across America to participate in service events and encourage all Americans to join them. The First Lady is rolling up her sleeves and getting to work too. But before she headed out today, she asked me to share this message with you.


Rollin', rollin', rollin', get those sleeves a rollin'

April 4, 2011
Jay Carney, White House press secretary, told reporters that Mr Obama “remains confident that if we, together, roll up our sleeves and get to work very quickly we can find a compromise.”

January 28, 2011
“We’ve got a lot of work to do, and I’m rolling up my sleeves to get that work done,” Michelle Obama said. “And we’ll cross that other bridge when we get there.”

December 4, 2010
President Barack Obama said Saturday that he’s ready “to roll up my sleeves”and work with congressional leaders on a tax cut deal before rates are set to rise on Jan. 1.

October 25, 2010
Obama said Democrats need to have “a proper and appropriate sense of humility” about what they can accomplish without Republican support, but he also said Republicans should “roll up their sleeves and get to work.”

Sept 7, 2010
Whenever times have seemed at their worst, Americans have been at their best. Because it is in those times when we roll up our sleeves and remember that we will rise or fall together – as one nation, and one people. That’s the spirit that started the labor movement.

July 30, 2010
Obama said that education reform is a top priority because the “status quo is morally inexcusable, it’s economically indefensible, and all of us are going to have to roll up our sleeves to change it.”

April 29, 2010
“It’s so good that everybody has made a commitment to step out of our tea dresses and away from the crystal and to roll up our sleeves and be ready to paint and to get a little dirty,” said [Michelle] Obama, who arrived wearing canvas low-top sneakers and with her sleeves rolled up.

[Better click here, there’s way more…]

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From the “What if a conservative had said it” department, President Obama joins Joe Biden in demonstrating his ignorance of American history.

Don’t know how this one has stayed hidden for so long, but President Obama did an interview with WTMJ-TV/Milwaukee back on Feb. 16, 2011. During that interview Obama claimed that Abraham Lincoln built the “intercontinental railroad” during the Civil War. 

First of all, Mr. President, it was called the transcontinental railroad, not the intercontinental railroad. And it was built after the Civil War, not during the Civil War.

With this statement, the President joins his own Vice President in demonstrating complete ignorance on the same subject. Back in October, 2010, Joe Biden made even wilder and less accurate claims than Obama’s.

As we reported at the time:

“Every single great idea that has marked the 21st century, the 20th century and the 19th century has required government vision and government incentive,” he said. “In the middle of the Civil War you had a guy named Lincoln paying people $16,000 for every 40 miles of track they laid across the continental United States. … No private enterprise would have done that for another 35 years.”

Despite the fact that both leaders’ historical references are completely inaccurate, we’re going to be generous in our assessments of the President and Vice President.

We’ll excuse President Obama because he may have going to school in Indonesia at the time he would have been learning the history of the transcontinental railroad in an American school.

And we’ll excuse Biden because he’s a moron.

There you have it – proof that conservatives are kind, generous people.

H/T: Moonbattery

Source: New York Daily News

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It seems that no one is happy with the Justice Department’s on-going probe of the CIA.

Liberal groups such as the Bill of Rights Defense Committee expressed their disappointment.


Liberty weeps

“The Justice Department’s announcement of only two CIA prosecutions, despite nearly a decade of using torture as state policy, is a national travesty on par with the Japanese internment,” Shadid Buttar, executive director of the group, said. “Excusing from investigation officials who tortured ‘in good faith’ violates international law, abandons the Nuremberg precedent that we fought a world war to establish and creates a separate system of justice for government officials who commit criminal acts, all in one fell swoop.”

Not to be outdone, conservatives are also leery of the continued investigation into Bush era CIA.

“Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich., chairman of the House intelligence committee, called Holder’s decision a ‘significant step forward’ for intelligence professionals and expressed hope that he ‘will not prosecute anyone who acted in good faith and within the scope of legal advice.’”

How can either side doubt that the Justice Department will not fulfill its duties with all the tenacity with which they’ve thus far pursued the Black Panters voter intimidation case and the ‘Fast and Furious’ scheme.

Thus far the Justice Department has responded to this case by (1) Dismissing the individuals who had the balls to act as whistle-blowers. And (2) Claiming complete ignorance all the way up the chain of command up to and including the Commander in Chief.

Rest assured, justice will no doubt be served.

Source: Fox News

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Please attempt not to recoil in horror when you read this news: Michele Bachmann’s husband, who runs a mental health clinic in Minnesota, has accepted Medicaid payments totaling “$137,000 for the treatment of patients since 2005.” According to our calculator that amounts to $22,000 and change a year.


Michele Bachmann and her husband getting all giddy over the big Medicaid bucks they're raking in

Despite that meager total, NBC’s Investigative Reporter – excuse us, National Investigative Correspondent – Michael Isikoff breathlessly reports that the clinic “describes itself on its website as offering ‘quality Christian counseling’ for a large number of mental health problems ranging from ‘anger management’ to addictions and eating disorders.” (Note that Isikoff manages to make “quality Christian counseling” sound akin to “blood letting and leeching.”)

So what’s the problem? Well, Isikoff points out the clinic has been accepting these funds “while Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., has forcefully denounced the Medicaid program for swelling the “welfare rolls.”

Nothing so shocking has been reported regarding the Congresswoman since Joy Behar fecklessly reported that Bachmann,  mother of 5 children and foster mother of 23, “hates children” and is “anti-children”.

But back to Bachmann’s more  recent crimes. “She’s giving hypocrisy a bad name,” said Ron Pollock, executive director of Families USA, a consumer health care advocacy group, when asked about the Medicaid payments to Bachmann & Associates. “It’s clear when it feathers her nest she’s happy for Medicaid expenditures. But people that really need it — folks with disabilities and seniors — she’s turning their backs on them.”

It would have been nice if NBC had provided a little insight into Ron Pollock since he’s quoted in their article as if he speaks with something akin to the voice of God. Apparently, though, NBC could not afford to investigate Mr. Pollock as thoroughly as they investigate those he damns as people “giving hypocrisy a bad name.” asks and answers the question “…who is Ron Pollack? And what is Families USA? Just how big are they and who funds them? Well, you’re not going to get an answer on funding. Families USA is tight-lipped about who gives them money, but it’s no bootstrap organization. The 990’s for 2008, the last year they are available until after the 2010 election, show an organization worth tens of millions of dollars.”

The article also asks the question “Who funds them, and who builds up their assets to such a large degree?” and reveals that “We aren’t allowed to know, but we can guess. Let’s take a look at their board of directors, and who do we see on it, but Mary Kay Henry, the new president of SEIU.”

The article goes on to say that “This group gets favorable media attention, but not one reporter ever stops to ask how they are funded, who they are allied with, or just what exactly $45 million will buy?” and summarizes that “In front of you, you have evidence of a foundation with unknown funding that is clearly allied with the healthcare unions who stand to benefit greatly from Obamacare.”

But apparently these salient facts were not as impressive to NBC as the meager $22,000 and change in income that Bachmann’s clinic averaged from Medicare over the last six years.

It appears that Bachmann’s real crimes are three fold: (1) She is a woman. (2) She is a conservative woman. And (3) She is a conservative woman who opposes the leadership of the most glorious president of the ages.

– Written by Patrick Michael

Source: MSNBC,

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Cue Queen singing “Another One Bites The Dust.” Despite the best of liberal intentions, another liberal dream is dead.

Think Global, the Norwegian car company that designed and manufactured the Think City electric car is swirling down the economic porcelain convenience.

think city electric car

It may be an electric car, but Think City's sales were hardly electrifying

This charming little 2-passenger car was supposed to sell for $28,000 but without generous subsidies available to American manufacturers, the price tag skyrocketed. Sales never amounted to a hill of beans. (As a side note, climbing a hill of beans would have drained the Think City’s battery and it would have needed to stop several hours for recharging.)

We’re sorry to report that Think Global has gone the way of most liberal pipedreams. It’s filed for bankruptcy and will be liquidated in an attempt to net a couple bucks for its creditors.

For god’s sake, man, isn’t there a Norwegian version of Uncle Sugar to make sure that billions of Norwegian tax dollars get wasted on wacky liberal Euroschemes?


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Rep Jerrold Nadler, whose name is followed by D-NY, sounds more like a R-AL in this clip. He is not happy with President Obama’s excellent Libyan adventure. Not happy at all.

Nadler, a usually reliable liberal voice in the House, blasts the President as very few Democrats are willing to do:

“We have been sliding for 70 years to a situation where Congress has nothing to do with the decision about whether to go to war or not, and the president is becoming an absolute monarch,” he said. “And we must put a stop to that right now, if we don’t want to become an empire instead of a republic … I think that the nation’s credibility, that is to say its promise to go to war as backed by the president, not by the Congress, ought to be damaged … We have to put our foot down and say no. And if foreign countries learn that they cannot depend on American military intervention unless Congress is aboard for the ride, good. That’s a good thing.”

Oh, settle down, Jerry. The United States became a monarchy two-and-a-half years ago. You must have been out of town during the coronation. Didn’t you hear about it? It was in all the papers and most of the TV networks. Especially CNN and MSNBC.

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There’s an annual event in Washington, DC called Rolling Thunder Sunday in which thousands of vets ride their motorcycles to the Vietnam Memorial. It’s an incredible display of patriotism and comradeship — the kind of thing you’d expect from guys who were willing to risk their lives for the rest of us.

staff sgt tim chambers

We salute retired Staff Sergeant Tim Chambers

For the last few years, one Marine in full dress uniform has stood at attention in the middle of the street holding a continuous, unbroken salute for every biker in the procession. His remarkable exhibition of strength and dedication lasts more than four hours.

Back in 2002 retired Staff Sergeant Tim Chambers decided he wanted to do something to show all the other vets how much he cared, so he spontaneously stepped into the road to salute to the riders. That first salute has now become an annual event.

Why the salute? “It’s about the pain,” Tim said. “A lot of these heroic guys still hurt and if I can relieve their pain for just one brief moment, then I’ve done my job.”

This year’s salute was more painful than usual. Watch the video. Be amazed. Be proud. And be grateful that there are guys like Tim Chambers who are willing and able to do the things they do.

Semper fi, Sergeant Chambers.

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We’re all – all of us except the Ron Paul fanatics, that is – looking for a Republican candidate who can get us excited about his or her candidacy. And we’re all having a little trouble finding that person, because all our choices seem a bit flawed.

Maybe Texas Governor Rick Perry is the answer. He looks presidential. He has a big success story to tell. He has a big stack of Texas electoral votes in his pocket. And when he spoke to last weekend’s Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans the crowd seemed to sense that there was something different about this guy.

He sounded like the kind of candidate we could support when he said, “Our opponents on the left are never going to like us, so let’s quit trying to curry favor with them!”

By the time he left the stage, the crowd was on their feet chanting, “Run, Rick, Run!” We agree with the crowd.

Here’s his entire speech. All 25 inspiring minutes of it.

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The most transparent President in history told us that they are “taking government back.” Unfortunately he failed to mention that he is giving it to his buddies.

Fox news has the details of a presidential candidate who said of cynics, lobbyists and special interests, “They get the access while you get to write a letter. They think they own this government. But we’re here today to take it back.”


White House Press Secretary and Chief Alligator Wrangler Jay Carney

But then those pesky ugly things called ‘facts’ turned up. As Fox News reports, “A new report by iWatch claims the Obama administration gave 200 of its biggest campaign donors key assignments within the government or granted their business interests with federal contracts.”

Pity the poor, persecuted Obama administration. They constantly have to educate the poor, unwashed masses they represent that they have – in the words of White House Secretary Jay Carney “the highest ethical standards and …bold transparency.”

What about those 200 jobs for donors? A mere coincidence, according to Carney. “[O]ur ethical standards are unmatched by any previous administration,” Carney said at the White House press briefing. “Our efforts at transparency are unprecedented. And that’s not just me saying it, it is outside groups who have said that. So I think that the fact that individuals who have been appointed also supported the President is hardly a story.”

Carney failed to mention what outside groups have been singing the praises of Obama’s transparency, leaving us to guess as to whether this means groups like SEIU, or maybe even the DNC.

The article also says, “The press secretary also stated himself as an example for someone who hadn’t given a lot of money, but still has a job with the administration.”

If we were Carney, we probably wouldn’t brag too loudly about that.

– Written by Patrick Michael

Source: Fox News, iWatchNews

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Don’t forget. It’s the Republicans who are anti-science. You know, troglodytes who believe in a flat earth and think that Adam and Eve lived with dinosaurs and that the universe was created sometime back in about 1954.

But those enlightened progressives, they understand and cherish science and the advances it brings us.

So how about if you just ignore what President Obama said on Monday.

FOX Nation reports:

President Obama explained to NBC News that the reason companies aren’t hiring is not because of his policies, it’s because the economy is so automated. … “There are some structural issues with our economy where a lot of businesses have learned to become much more efficient with a lot fewer workers. You see it when you go to a bank and you use an ATM, you don’t go to a bank teller, or you go to the airport and you’re using a kiosk instead of checking in at the gate.”

Got that? Unemployment is caused by ATMs and ticket kiosks at airports. If technology is the problem, won’t more technology only make things worse?

Why if we could just go back to the horse and buggy days, everyone would have a job. Unfortunately, most of those jobs would be street cleaners responsible for sweeping up the vast quantities of horse manure in the streets, but what the hell, a job is a job.

This does demonstrate, however, how far we’ve come. Back before the invention of the internal combustion engine, all the horse manure was in the streets. Now it’s in the Washington, DC.

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We picture a pre-production meeting at The View. Barbara Walters gathers her co-hosts around a conference room table in her spacious office and says, “OK, Whoopi made the stupid comment yesterday, so I believe it’s Joy’s turn today.”

“Ooooh, I have an idea,” Behar says excitedly. “How about if I blurt out something crazy about that photo Breitbart has of Anthony Weiner’s weiner. Like maybe, ‘How do we know that’s not Breitbart’s weiner?’”

“That’s so crazy it might just work,” Walters replies.

Not to be outdone, Whoopi jumps in to kiss Walter’s ass. “And then, Barbara, maybe you can jump in and say how attractive Weiner’s weiner is in the photo.”

“Outstanding idea, Whoopi. That’s why I pay you millions of dollars a year to sit on this pathetic panel.”

We’re not sure if that’s how the pre-production meeting went, but that’s how it went on the air.

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We here at try to live by a philosophy best captured in ancient and time honored rhyme:

If you want to get funky, please feel free
Just don’t spread that funk on me


The Fed is inclusive: They're going to destroy all of us

The Federal Reserve of Virginia has decided to let its freaky flag fly just a bit higher than we fly ours. It’s a decision that has caused a bit of a flap.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch runs it up the flagpole for us:

The Richmond Federal Reserve Bank’s attempt to show inclusiveness in the workplace by flying the rainbow flag outside its building has reignited a divisive gay-rights debate.

Del. Robert G. Marshall, R-Prince William, is calling on the bank to remove the flag, terming its presence “a serious deficiency of judgment by your organization, one not limited to social issues.”

Far be it from us to tell this supposedly non-governmental agency how to conduct its affairs. Not even if it does exercise a large amount of control over our economy and, therefore, our lives. But if the Fed must fly a flag might we suggest the white one? Especially when it comes to any number of their inflation inducing policies.

PS – We would like to clarify our reason for suggesting the Fed fly a white flag. It is not, as some trolls might have you believe, because we are racist. It is because this flag has traditionally been associated with surrender. Were we more cultured and euro-centric we might have suggested the drapeau tricolore instead. Thankfully we are not.

– Written by Kip Hooker at

Source: Richmond Times-Dispatch

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Down in St. Landers Parish, just outside Lafayette, Louisiana, someone has carved a “crop circle” with two not so kind words for President Obama. We say “someone” but who knows? It may just as well be “something” because we’re pretty sure Obama’s pissed off the entire universe at this point.

No one’s stepping forward to take blame (nor credit) for the horrible descecration, this thoughtless crime, this farmland folly.

But we do know one thing: If it had said the same thing about Bush instead of Obama, the artist would undoubtedly be eligible for a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Here’s how you can see the artwork yourself, right from Google Maps: Just start clicking on the zoom button (the + sign, and only the plus sign) in the upper left corner of the embedded map below, until you close in on the crop circle.

Better look quickly, before the Google Maps department pulls out their Photoshop expert.

If you’re interested in Google Maps discoveries, you will love our story of a structure discovered on Google Mars. You have to see this one.

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Ol’ Chris has found something new to be upset about. Republicans have come up with a new way to insult his Tingle Maker in Chief.

We wish we were making this one up but, no, there’s a video clip to prove Chris Matthews actually said these words. And to prove that spittle was flying from his mouth as he said them.

“This is not a funny thing. There is a weird thing about your political party [Republican]. It’s nativist. It is weird. Obama — you still have a big bloc of Republicans that say he wasn’t born in this country, in Africa or somewhere. Now you’ve got this sophisticated, this prep school educated governor of Massachusetts out there saying ‘he’s awfully European.’ What in hell does that mean? … I don’t get it at all. I just consider it a slur.”

For once, Michael Steele was a rational, steadying influence who tried to explain the whole thing to Matthews.

But the MSNBC host was having none of it.

H/T: Weasel Zippers

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This is not the kind of story we typically cover at, but we’re making an exception because THIS IS FREAKIN’ STRANGE.

David Martines was playing with Google Mars when he stumbled across something that is absolutely inexplicable.

Let’s let David describe it:

“This structure is 700′ x 150′, and is colored white with blue and red stripes against the red Martian soil. This is not a rock or mountain. It is a manufactured structure. This is not something that I created, this is something that is currently on Google Mars. NASA won’t talk to me about it. I’ve sent them a few emails, and no reply. Go see for yourself. The coordinates are: 71 49’19.73″N 29 33’06.53″W.”

Watch the video and you’ll say the same thing we did:

WTF? What the F-in’ F?

Update: If you’re into discoveries found on Google Earth, you’ll might find it interesting to zoom in on this anti-obama crop circle in Louisiana.

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Soquel, California is a lovely little town just up the road from’s intergalactic headquarters. It sits along the Pacific Ocean very near the lunatic liberal bastion of Santa Cruz.

A group of students at Soquel High School has been suspended for wearing a white T-shirts on Senior Picture Day.

The group of friends say they wore the shirts so they’d stand out in the group photos, so it would be easier to look back years from now and say, “There’s my buddy Larry. And there’s Big Mike. And there’s me.”

The school decided that the white T-shirts were a sign of something else, something far more nefarious. In the minds of those in the administration at Soquel High School, a white T-shirt is now sign of … wait for it … white supremists.


This must be the most diverse group of white supremists ever assembled. It includes an Asian kid who wonders how he could possibly be a white supremist.


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It’s been a long holiday weekend and you may not have been following the news. So let us bring you up to date on what is now being called WeinerGate.

The most appropriately named man in Congress, Rep. Anthony Weiner, is followed by tens of thousands of people on FaceBook. He, in return, follows only 91 people. One of them happens to be a very attractive college student in Seattle who has referred to Weiner online as “my boyfriend.”

In what must count as one of strangest coincidences in history, Weiner tweeted on late Friday afternoon that he is “Heading to 30 Rock to chat with Rachel at 9. #Thats545InSeattleIThink”

At 8:00 pm, a photo of Weiner’s erect penis was tweeted to said same college girl in Seattle.

Weiner claims it was all the work of hackers. He claims he doesn’t know the young woman in Seattle, despite the fact that she’s one of only 91 people he Likes on Facebook. He claims that’s not his penis. He claims it’s all just one big prank meant to distract him from his important work (which apparently is the seduction of young girls on the other side of the country).

BreitbartTV reveals that even CNN is having a bit of trouble with Weiner’s weiner coverup:

CNN’s John King asks a great question: “There’s one way the congressman could try to put this to rest, and that would be to call the Capitol Police or call the FBI and say ‘come on in, please launch an investigation because I was hacked.’ Why hasn’t he done that?”

According to Dana Bash, Rep. Weiner’s office did not respond to that question but informed CNN that the congressman instead has hired a lawyer.

As John King says: “Curious.”

Curious? No, it’s more than just curious.

As one wag said, “Victims call the police. Criminals call their attorneys.”

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Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Barack Obama’s brand new, hand-chosen Chairwoman of the Democrat National Committee, spoke at a forum sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor. She was fired up. She was angry. She took the Republicans to task for opposing the administration’s giveaways to the autoworkers union.

“If it were up to the candidates running for president on the Republican side,” Wasserman-Schultz said, “we would be driving foreign cars.”

Why, those damn Republicans! Those evil conservatives! Those awful import-buying, Tea Partying …

Unfortunately, reporter Michael O’Brien of The Hill followed Wasserman-Schultz into the parking lot to see what kind of car she was driving.


The Congresswoman climbed into 2010 Infiniti FX35. And last time we checked, the Infiniti was a Japanese car.

This woman could make the Democrats think of the good ol’ days when Howard Dean was the party’s chairman.

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Barack Obama, the greatest orator of all time, spoke at Westminster Hall on Wednesday. It was a rousing, inspirational speech. A barnburner. A classic.

Who do we think we’re kidding? It was boring as hell. So boring, in fact, that British Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke appeared to take a little catnap as the President spoke.

We say “appeared” because we’re confident that Clarke was merely closing his eyes in order to concentrate more fully on every word Obama said.

Yeah, right.

For god’s sake, it’s no wonder the sun has set on the British Empire. Here in America we have to listen to this guy drone on damn near every day and we don’t fall asleep.

Man up, you limey bastards.

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Just in case you’ve never heard of him, Alex Jones is a talk show host. It’s probably safe to say he’s a third tier talk show host. He’s a conspiracy theorist who’s often nuttier than Aunt Dodie’s fruitcake, but occasionally fascinating.

In this clip, Jones discusses his conversation with author Jerome Corsi, who claims he has incontrovertible evidence that Obama knowingly unveiled a forged birth certificate.

We’re not buying it but, damn, wouldn’t it be fun if it were true?

(Note: Mr. Administrator wants me to say he does think there could be something to it.)

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Michael Moore and Lawrence O’Donnell. Put ‘em together in front of a camera and the socialism just begins to spontaneously ooze. Or spurt. Or gush. Yeah, gush is a better word.

Here’s Michael Moore explaining how President Obama should use government control of General Motors to bring about a socialist workers green paradise:

The auto thing is a good example, too, where I wish Obama would just … if he would just ratchet it up another notch. Yes, you saved the jobs of all my friends back in Michigan but now that we sort of control the car companies let’s get them doing mass transit. Let’s get them doing things that are going to save this planet. Because the internal combustion engine is not going to get us to the twenty-second century. That’s just not gonna, we’re not gonna have a planet. That has to stop. And I just thought, jeez, when you have this power you can do things. And he’s just kinda like, “Nah, we’ll just get the money back from the auto companies and it’s all gonna be ok.”

Putting the questionable constitutionality of Moore’s dream aside, we have one question:

Do you really expect anyone to believe you have friends, Michael?

Fat chance.

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The United Kingdom has reaffirmed that freedom of speech is a strictly American concept. How? By reaffirming its baffling ban on American talk show host Michael Savage.

The ban was instituted, of course, because Savage had been convicted of building pipe bombs used to kill British soldiers. What’s that? He didn’t?

Well, it’s well known that Savage is a convicted felon who molested dozens of innocent children. What’s that? He didn’t?


Vile criminal Michael Savage found guilty of expressing opinions

Yeah, well, everyone knows that Savage called for the assassination of Queen Elizabeth. What’s that? He didn’t?

OK, but he had strong opinions that not everyone agreed with. And in today’s politically correct world no crime is worse.

The Daily Mail UK has the depressing details:

The Conservative-led British government announced in July it would only lift the ban initiated by the previous Labour leadership if Savage took back statements he had made on his broadcasts that were deemed a ‘threat to national security’.

And while the U.K has never specified which comments it found so dangerous, an attorney for the British government has stayed true to its threat, reaffirming the ban.

The Right-wing radio presenter, whose hardline views on Islam, rape and autism have caused outrage in the US, was identified in May 2009 by then U.K. Home Secretary Jacqui Smith as one of 16 people barred due to their political views.

The list also included hate preachers, Hamas terrorist leader Yunis Al-Astal, former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard Stephen Donald Black and neo-Nazi Erich Gliebe.

Now Michael Atkins, writing on behalf of the U.K.’s treasury solicitor, has told Savage’s London-based attorney the ban had to stick because Savage had not gone back on his ‘extreme’ comments.

Hell in a hand basket. ‘Nuff said.

See the actual legal letter sent to Savage on Tuesday: PDF

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