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Rebels raise flag on Gaddafi’s compound. Oops. Sorry. Wrong photo. But in our defense, it was an easy mistake to make.

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Couric’s new daytime talk show to be titled “Katie.” We can only guess that “Perky Little Twit” just didn’t focus group as well. Doug Steckler, guesting with Tim Conway Jr on KFI/Los Angeles commented, “No offense, Katie Couric, here’s a tip. If you’re going to get into the TV talk game, be prepared to give away cars. You’re going to have to give away something to get people to watch you.”

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NBC criticized for lack of minorities in lead roles. But … but … but they gave Al Sharpton his own show. What more do these damned activists want?

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MSNBC officially gives Al Sharpton his own daily program: “PoliticsNation”. If you’ve ever wondered just how low MSNBC can go, this should answer the question. Resist we much. Watch we not so much.

Martin Luther King Jr’s family charged $800,000 to use his words and image on new Washington DC monument. So much for “Free at last, free at last.”

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Pentagon bans farting in Afghanistan because it offends the natives. In other words, do not allow the Dogs of War to howl. Odd, is it not, that a country shrouded in the stench of camels and goats should be offended by odors that pale in comparison?

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Chinese manufacturer announces recall of bullet trains. They excused Mussolini’s brutal regime by saying, “At least he made the trains run on time.” The same cannot be said for China’s brutal regime.

Progressive Hollywood? Number of women TV directors plummets. Please note that there’s a huge difference between women Hollywood director and effeminate Hollywood directors. Never mistake one for the other.

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World Net Daily: Cost of Michelle Obama’s Africa Trip? Mmm mmm mmm it’s a state secret. So, Judicial watch is now suing to find out. Just the C-32 aircraft for the trip alone was $430,000.

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Liberal talk show host claims fracking caused the Virginia earthquake. The closest fracking is done about 160 miles away in Pennsylvania, and at 4000 feet, which is about 2.9 miles above the epicenter. Would it be unfair to say that Thom Hartmann is a frackin’ lunatic?

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Ron Reagan Jr says Dick Cheney is a war criminal. Junior is a little man who’s very uncomfortable wearing a big name. No wonder Laura Ingraham nicknamed him “Non Reagan”.

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AFL-CIO honcho Richard Trumka says unions may dump the Democratic Party. Sorry. We can’t come up with a punch line any funnier than that one. Maybe Trumka would like to come to work for IHTM. Based on that line, he’s one very funny guy.

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Libyan rebels loot Gadhafi’s compound, find album filled with photos of his “darling” Condoleezza Rice. Page after page after page of Condi Rice photos. Who would have suspected that the guy was a Condi Rice groupie? We never would have pegged him as a Repubilcan.

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Seeing lessa Contessa: Brewer out at MSNBC. Imagine how you’d feel if your show got cancelled the same week that Al Sharpton secured a daily slot. Credit to Ace of Spades with the best line ever: “She is one of the dumbest, most blatantly biased gutterscrunts on MSNBC; she’s basically Ed Schultz with a smaller rack.”

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Unique defense: Underwear Bomber thinks he should be released because the Koran okays killing infidels. Screw you and the goat you road in on, Umar. Oh, wait, screwing goats is also okayed by the Koran. Never mind.

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Rick Perry says, “I dislike Washington. I think it’s a seedy place.” No, Rick, Tijuana is a seedy place. Seems to me you’re giving Washington far too much credit.

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Still no solar panels on White House because project is mired in the “competitive procurement process.” Might be time for one of those no-bid Halliburton contracts.

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Obama’s promise that the stimulus would lower unemployment was “the stupidest thing that basically any administration probably ever said.” Believe it or not, a Democrat said that. To be specific, it was Rep. John Yarmuth (D-KY). He has not, apparently, heard that Barack Obama is the most intelligent man who’s ever graced the Oval Office.

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US now on recession watch: Q2 GDP revised sharply downward to 1.0%. It’s almost zen-like, isn’t it, that GDP numbers should always be unexpectedly revised downward while unemployment numbers are always unexpectedly revised upward? Ohmmmmmmm. The universe is in balance.

“Irene’s got a middle name, and it’s Global Warming.” Far be it from us to be pedantic, but wouldn’t Irene need a last name in order to have a middle name? Perhaps the folks at the Daily Beast/Newsweek meant to say “Irene has a middle name, and it’s Global.” See, that would make Warming the last name. Irene Global Warming. Yeah, that makes a lot more sense. But sense has rarely been a concern at the Daily Beast, so let’s just forget the whole thing.

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Washington Times: Romney likes it both ways? Perhaps Senator Jim Inhofe (R-Oklahoma) knows something we don’t about Mitt Romney? Talk about running hot and cold!

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Alcohol but no illegal drugs in Amy Weinhouse toxicology report. This is where we need Al Michaels screaming, “Do you believe in miracles?”

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We bow to the genius of Walter Russell Mead. In fact, this is one guy we wouldn’t mind seeing President Obama bow to.


The solution to all our problems

Mead’s article at explains that green jobs are complete nonsense or, if you prefer, complete bullshit:

The belief that green jobs would drive a new era of American prosperity was — like the large majority of green policy chat — intellectually incoherent. The goods that drive renewable energy industries, like so much else in this world, are far cheaper to construct in Asia. As the NYT piece describes, SolFocus, a widely-celebrated solar power company based, only has 90 employees at their San Jose headquarters. The solar panels are assembled in China. Whether a product is an ordinary t-shirt or an admirable piece of world saving green technology like a wind turbine has zilch, zero, nada influence on the mind of the manufacturer trying to decide where it should be made.

Get ready. Here comes the idea that’s destined to win Mead a shelf full of Nobels:

There are perhaps some green jobs that would be exceptions; we could eliminate all forms of welfare and food stamps and offer the unemployed minimum wage jobs pedaling stationary bicycles hooked up to electric generators, solving our budget, poverty, obesity and energy independence problems all at once — but these are not the jobs either the President or his supporters have in mind.

Genius, Walter, absolute genius.

Our advice: If you have any equity left in your house, mortgage it. Invest in exercise bikes.

Source: The American Interest

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Obama and his loony tune financial advisers seem to think that doing all things Keynesian will get the economy back on track.


We'd love to see a Rick Perry vs. Jerry Brown death match on the next UFC card

It seems that Dallas Fed chief Richard Fisher has a different take on things and uses Texas as a shining example:

On Wednesday, Richard Fisher, President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, gave a speech in which he separated “fact from fiction” about the record of job creation in Texas.

We can help but wonder whose fiction he was talking about?

Texas job gains are a result of pro-growth policies on taxes, spending and regulations: “…people and businesses have been picking up stakes and moving to Texas in significant numbers over a prolonged period… And yet Texas, like all states, is subject to the same monetary policy as all the rest… From this, I draw the conclusion that private sector capital and jobs will go to where taxes and spending and regulatory policy are most conducive to growth.”

Want further proof this guy is right? Look at the financial mess the U.S. is in and look at what’s going on in California, a state losing businesses daily to Texas and other states with better business climates.

Don’t believe us? Let’s send Rick Perry to California and send Jerry Brown to Texas and see what happens. We’d wager millions of unemployed workers in California would soon be working again and Texas would be bankrupt.

– Written by CO2Insanity

Source: The Cypress Times

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They had to pass it to find out what was in it and now it’s been discovered that Obamacare contains an appetite suppressant. Specifically, the uncertainty the bill creates regarding future healthcare costs suppresses any appetite companies may have for investing money in their operations.

At least, that’s what CKE Restaurants (owner of Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr restaurants) CEO Andy Puzder says in this video:

Healthcare is probably the most significant unknown at the moment. People are unsure how much it will impact their business but they know … it will be negative. It’s very hard to model the costs because the [Obamacare] bill was so complex and it’s very difficult to find people that understand it. We have a national healthcare … consultant that we use …. and the range that they gave us for our healthcare costs increasing at CKE restaurants was between $7.3 and $35.1 million dollars. That’s a huge range… Their estimate was that it would increase our healthcare costs by about 18 million dollars. We spent about 9 million dollars last year building new restaurants so that would be totally wiped out.

OK, demolishing the only “achievement” he has to show for his political career ain’t as much fun for Obama as taking bus tours or dropping mega-bucks for a train from Nadaville to Zerotown. But if he’s serious about creating jobs, the surest way is to remove his roadblocks and let those who normally do it, do it. That’s the problem.

Unfortunately, allowing the private sector to create jobs now would mean Obamacare, the Stimulus and all of his Keynesian delusions were wrong. Ensuring high unemployment and blaming his opponents appears to be the strategy around which his 2012 campaign is wrapped.

Obama has to make sure nothing (nor anyone) works.

PS – Your new Carl’s Jr. advertising campaign sucks, Andy. Dull, dull, dull.

– Written by Bonfire of the Absurdities

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