There was one folk singer in the 60s who stood out from all the rest. While the rest of them were singing This Land Is Your Land and Kumbaya and Michael Rowed the Boat Ashore and Where Have All the Flowers Gone, Janet Greene said, “The hell with that liberal crap. Let’s sing about the real problems in America.”

Where are you today when we need you, Janet?

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We haven’t heard much from parody song writer/singer Ray Stevens in recent years. But he’s back with a vengeance and a new song called “Come to the USA.”

And just for old times’ sake, here’s his famous “Ahab the Arab”, a song that would probably result in a fatwah if it were released today.

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How strange is this video from Afghanistan? Don’t ask, don’t tell. has the story of America’s elite troops in action. Dance action, that is:

In what may be the most entertaining music video homage ever shot in a war zone, a group of American soldiers stationed at a military base in southwest Afghanistan star in a lip-synced version of Lady Gaga’s hit “Telephone.” The video, which yesterday began to spread online, was filmed recently inside what appears to be a garage at the Forward Operating Base in Farah Province. Posted to YouTube a week ago, the 3:45 production–complete with props, signs, and costumes–features an all-male cast from the 82nd Airborne Division. The video, which can be viewed above, was the brainchild of Aaron Melcher, a married 24-year-old soldier who graduated in 2004 from North Carolina’s Gramercy Christian School. Melcher opens the video in a pas de deux, of sorts, with fellow enlistee Justin Baker, who is not nearly as enthusiastic a dancer as the gyrating Melcher, who incorporated elements of the original video’s choreography in his desert remake.

Yeah, we know this video has become an internet sensation. But we prefer the ones where lots of bad guys get blown up.

But then, we don’t like Dancing With The Stars since Chuck Liddel got voted off, either.


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Godfather of Soul’s body is missing

by editor on March 19, 2010

Why, oh, why must we rely on British newspapers for the truly important news of the day?

Such as the fact that the body of James Brown, the Godfather of Soul and “The Hardest Working Man In Show Business” has gone missing from its crypt.

The Daily Mail UK reports the macabre accusations made by Brown’s daughter, LaRhonda Pettit:
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What happens when you cross a big pile of global warming horse hooey with The Who and toss in a band of crazy Minnesotans?

You get this hilarious parody called Frozen Wasteland from Minnesotans For Global Warming.

Source: Minnesotans For Global Warming

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Twenty-five years ago a group of publicity-seeking musical celebrities recorded “We Are The World” as much to feed their egos as to feed the children of Africa.

Now a new generation of publicity-seeking celebrities has re-recorded the song to benefit Haiti. Among the “new” performers were Akon, Jason Mraz, Bono, Wyclef Jean, Carlos Santana, Enrique Iglesias, Usher, Toni Braxton and Lady Gaga.

The Associated Press reports the ego-driven details:

The session was all the talk at Sunday night’s Grammy festivities. Music producer RedOne said being asked to participate was “the biggest honor a musician can ever do.”

“Having Quincy, our father of music … and Lionel Richie asking me to contribute and help, I said of course, because this is not about me,” he said. “It’s about Haiti.”

Written by Michael Jackson and Richie, the original “We Are the World” thundered up the charts when it was released on the radio and in record stores in March 1985.

An unprecedented number of top pop musicians gathered at A&M the night of Jan. 28, 1985, following the American Music Awards, to record the tune. The song featured 45 American superstars, including Jackson, Richie, Stevie Wonder, Tina Turner, Ray Charles, Bruce Springsteen, Diana Ross, Bob Dylan and Cyndi Lauper.

The original “We Are The World” raised $63 million to end famine in Africa. Twenty-five years later Africa is still starving. The new version will probably raise a billion dollars, but Haiti will be just as poverty stricken in twenty-five years as it is today. Yet we’ll be forced to listen to this cringe-inducing song thousands of times in the next few months.

If we haven’t made it clear enough yet, we hate that damn song. Absolutely hate it. It’s like fingernails on a chalkboard. If they really wanted to torture prisoners in Gitmo, they should have played “We Are The World” for them.

Forget saving Haiti. Save us from this song.

Source: Associated Press

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Someone, somewhere is a brilliant editor. Whoever put this together is an editing genius. ‘Nuff said.

Source: The Big Feed

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The Democrats’ opposition research team has really let the party down this time. How did they miss this potential scandal lurking in Scott Brown’s background?

When his 17-year old daughter Ayla appeared on American Idol in 2008, she revealed the shocking fact that her father is not who she thought it was.

When this gets out, Brown is finished. Finished, we tell you.

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The phrase “number one with a bullet” comes from Billboard Magazine’s practice of putting a bullet symbol next to songs that were zipping up the weekly record charts at a rapid rate.

We ran across this music video at the fabulous AceofSpades HQ site. It’s a country song, so we assumed Steve Lee, its singer, must be an American.

But wait. Why are Australian flags hanging on the wall in one scene? And why is the steering wheel on the wrong side of the car. And why is he driving on the wrong side of the road?

Hey, we didn’t watch all those old Perry Mason shows without learning how to read a clue or two.

Turns out Steve Lee is an Australian gun lover. And “I Love Guns” is available at Australian gun stores and at his own online store.

“I Love Guns.” Think of it as an Ode to the Second Amendment.

Source: Ace of Spades HQ,

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Merry Christmas from

by editor on December 25, 2009

Andrea Bocelli and Mary J. Blige sing What Child Is This.

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Scientists 1000 years in the future took reconstruct the history of the Beatles with all the amazing accuracy of today’s global warming “experts.”

Where’s that damn hockey stick?

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More news from

Grammy award-winning musician Stevie Wonder said President Barack Obama’s popularity has been decreasing because “people are afraid of change.” Regarding health care reform, Wonder said people are “bickering over something that we should have had a long time ago.”

You’re wrong, Stevie. Come up out of the heavy ganja smoke in which you live and see the reality: People aren’t afraid of change, they’re afraid of socialism and the loss of liberty.

Consider this proof that there are none so blind as those who will not see.

And with that, ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present Little Stevie Wonder singing “Uptight (Everything’s Alright).” Consider it a reminder that whatever you have now is better than what you’ll have under socialism.


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As they used to say on American Bandstand back in the ’50s, “It’s got a good beat and you can dance to it.”

As we say at in 2009, “It’s got a good beat and you can laugh your ass off to it.”

Steven Crowder’s “I Gots’ A Peace Prize” is some funny stuff. Follow along with the lyrics below.

“I Got’s A Peace Prize”

I heard it today, Barack got a prize
Seams theyre dishin peace, prizes left and right
If you wanna prize, you can do it to
Theres just a few things, that you gotta do

[click to continue…]

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Is it just us or does anyone else smell a big fat publicity stunt here?

C’mon, the family’s already been on Wife Swap, the cheesiest show on television, twice. Falcon Heene (yes, that’s Balloon Boy’s real name) has a music video called “I’m Not Pussified.” And now he’s supposedly gone up in a runaway balloon shaped like a flying saucer.

If this isn’t a publicity stunt, young Balloon Boy has lead a very eventful six years.

Update: Balloon Boy to Wolfe Blitzer: “We did it for the show”

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Strangers in the night, exchanging glances, wondering in the night, what were the chances

Strangers in the night, exchanging glances, wondering in the night, what were the chances

Love may be grand, but washed-up, drugged-up rocker Courtney Love is so far from grand that she can’t even see it off in the distance.

Here’s how the New York Daily News reports this bizarre story:

Courtney Love is still floating on the charm offensive that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez launched at Wednesday’s screening of Oliver Stone’s new documentary, “South of the Border.” The singer, who came dressed to thrill in a short zipper-front skirt, says she noticed the twice-divorced Chavez checking her out during a Q&A afterward.

“It was the third wink that sold me,” Mrs. Kurt Cobain told us. “He’s a sexy dawg. He invited me to visit his country and I’d like to go. I’ll rock Caracas!”

You may scoff, but we think his odd-couple coupling could work out. Seriously. Courtney and Hugo have so much in common. For example:

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If you could have found a bookmaker willing to take the bet — which is doubtful — you could have made a fortune betting that Susan Boyle’s first song would be a 38-year old Rolling Stones classic.

Consider this proof that Mick Jagger and Keith Richards are vastly underrated as songwriters.

Blah, blah, blah, Kanya West blah, blah, blah.

In all the talk about the MTV Music Awards, everyone seems to have forgotten the video for which Taylor Swift won the award that put idiot Kanye West over the top.
So here it is. “You Belong To Me,” a sweet, innocent country song and heartwarming video from a very talented 17-year old.

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Kanye West made a fool of himself on national television last night. It’s getting to be a habit.

The same idiot rapper who shocked America by announcing “Bush doesn’t care about black people” during a nationally-televised Hurricane Katrina charity event back in 2005, topped his long list of idiotic comments during the MTV Music Video Awards.

Here’s what happened: Taylor Swift was graciously accepting the award for Best Female Video. She’d won the award over Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson and a couple other flavor-of-the-month performers whose names no one will remember a year from now.

As Taylor was thanking MTV, West ran on stage, took the microphone from Swift, and announced that Beyonce had been robbed.

“Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time,” he said about her “Single Ladies” video.

Swift, as you can imagine, was shocked. She stood silently, trophy in hand while West ranted. Cameras cut to the audience, where Beyonce looked equally stunned. MTV quickly cut to a commercial break.

Can we make a fool of ourselves on national television? Yes, we Kanye.

Source: Huffington Post

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As Steam said in 1969 and as hockey fans always sing to players heading for the penalty box,

“Hey hey-ey, goodbye
Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey-ey, goodbye
Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey-ey, goodbye
Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey-ey, goodbye
[repeat many times and fade out]”

And to paraphrase Casey Kasem one more time, “Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars, Van.”

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Someone at Good Morning, America had the bright idea of interviewing the Beach Boys. But no one bothered to find out what kind of drugs Dennis Wilson had been taking the night before. Or maybe even that morning.

The funniest part is how the rest of the Beach Boys attempt to complete the interview as if they don’t notice that Dennis was completely whacked out.

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Note: Go to minute 00:32 to begin. The original video we posted was disabled to a copyright claim by CBS. So far, this is all we have.

It just seems so simple. So reasonable. So damned obvious. So why don’t they get it?

H/t: Ace of Spades

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Sir Paul McCartney was performing at FedEx Field in Washington, DC last weekend. Since he was just down the road from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the former Beatle paid tribute to Michelle Obama by dedicating his classic song “Michelle” to the first lady.

The song’s lyrics say “I love you, I love you, I love you / That’s all I want to say.” But keep in mind that this is the same aged rocker who married an alleged peg-legged former prostitute (the peg-legged part is confirmed, but the former prostitute part is only alleged).

Nevertheless, we think Paul’s LSD usage in the 60s is starting to catch up with him. He obviously dedicated the wrong song to Michelle. There were just so many others that were far more appropriate.

Sit back and click and enjoy the Beatles songs that should have been dedicated to our First Socialist Lady.

Baby, You’re A Rich Man (You make over $75,000 per year so Michelle and her husband want their share. Plus a surtax.)

Chains (The Beatles called them “Chains of Love,” but we’d call them “Chains of Socialism”)

Devil In Her Heart (Can’t help but agree with the title)

Hello, Goodbye (We don’t agree about anything)

Helter Skelter (Yes, the world is going insane and your husband in running the asylum)

Hey, Bulldog (Michelle’s one of the most beautiful people in the world? C’mon. Seriously?)

I Me Mine (The Obama administration seems to think that there is no I, me or mine. It’s all theirs)

I’m Down (C’mon, Michelle, how can you laugh when you know I’m down?)

Misery (Alphabetically just one Beatles tune away from “Michelle.” This may have been the one McCartney meant to dedicate to the First Lady)

Money, That’s What I Want (Unfortunately, Michelle, your husband also wants our money)

Piggies (The men in white starched shirts want to take everything we have)

Revolution #9 (We don’t want your husband’s socialist revolution, Michelle)

Slow Down (Why does everything have to be done NOW?)

Taxman (You’re married to the Taxman-In-Chief, Michelle)

The Fool on the Hill (Or, perhaps, the Fool On Capitol Hill)

You Can’t Do That (Cap and trade? New taxes? Socialized medicine? You can’t do that.)

You Never Gave Me Your Money (But you want to take all of ours, don’t you?)


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Most comedians won’t touch Barack Obama with a ten foot Lech Walesa. But Greg Morton, the color blind black singer who created the Obama Man Song, is now making fun of the President’s sense of style.

Morton appeared on Bob & Tom’s syndicated radio show, singing “Obama in Mom Jeans,” which is set to the tune of Neil Diamond’s “Forever in Blue Jeans.”

It’s pretty damn funny. And Morton does a great Neil Diamond impression, too.


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“Boyfriend With Health Benefits” tells the touching story of a young woman who’s searching for true love. Well, true love and a healthcare plan that covers lasik eye surgery. And shiatsu massage. And prescription drugs. And acupuncture. And podiatry.

As the song says, “If you really wanna be my man, boy, you gotta put me on your health care plan.”

This is 2009, honey. You don’t need a boyfriend, you need ObamaCare.

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This parody of John Lennon’s “imagine” song was posted to YouTube just after Barack Obama had successfully fooled the majority into voting for him. We have a feeling those middle of the road Republicans who supported Obama as a “transformative figure” and “conservative democrat,” now, only eight months later, have come to understand the sentiments expressed in this video.

As the chorus says, “Welcome to the Obamanation, aren’t you having lots of fun?”


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