Mitt Romney

Facebook’s Zuckerberg calls on Supreme Court to let illegal immigrants work. This guy and his billionaire buddies who want cheap labor and bring in people on H1B visas who work for half-price are yet another reason we have Trump. They throw American workers under the bus every chance they get. Wait a bit and they’ll be advocating illegal aliens should be allowed to vote to ensure him and his buddies get a President who will bend over for them.

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HuffPo’s Grim: 54 Private Jets at Meeting to Stop Trump. There’s a lot of butt puckering going on about Trump. Their goal is the status quo and they don’t care who gets elected at this point as long as it’s not Trump. This is another big reason for Trump’s popularity. The people are angry at their President and the do-nothing Congress. Something that still hasn’t penetrated the GOPe’s thick skulls.

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Mitt Romney Recently Filed Papers with the FEC to Run for President. Files on January 31,, 2016 names Paul Ryan as Vice President running mate. Interesting considering Mitt maintains he’s not running. This certainly adds to everyone’s suspicions the GOP will try and run a brokered convention. We wonder if Karl Rove is behind this?

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