Top Judge On Migrant Crisis: ‘Authorities Are No Longer In Charge.’ Germany’s getting a reverse blitzkrieg, Merkel thinks she’s still in charge.

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‘At least 12 die’ after gunmen open fire in Ivory Coast resort. Must have been white, conservative, Lutheran, NRA members and Trump fans.

A military official told Le Monde Afrique that gunmen ordered their victims to shout “Allahu Akbar” before shooting them and that one jihadi was killed while two others fled. Local reports claimed the gunmen shouted “Allahu Akbar” as they opened fire, though it was not immediately clear who was behind the attack.

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Migrants are being taught about gay sex, how to make love while pregnant and how to find the female G-spot in illustrated manuals distributed in Germany. No wonder they’re all fired up and running around raping women and children. Probably not one word about consent or child molesting laws.

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Pope shocked by murderous attack in Yemen that killed 4 nuns. Frankly we’re shocked he’s shocked. He’s been ignoring the mass murder of Christians in the Middle East from the beginning.

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Hillary Emails Betrayed Whereabouts of Murdered Ambassador Chris Stevens. So if the home-brew server was hacked, this could have told everyone where Ambassador Stevens was.

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Declassed Bin Laden Letter Invokes Obama, Attacks Capitalism, Defends Global Warming Alarmism. Old Bin Laden liked hope and change, too! Just had hope in the wrong dope.

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DHS Secretly Scrubbed 1,000 Names From U.S. Terror Watch Lists. Based upon this they’ve gone from having a “hands-off” list to just deleting everyone they don’t want checked out. We think they should remove the delete buttons on all government computers.

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Judge: US Can’t Force Apple To Provide Encrypted iPhone Data. NY Federal Judge Rules in favor of Apple. They still have to deal with the Federal Judge in Riverside County though. It looks like it’s time for the Supreme Court to get involved. Or, will the FBI get tricky and try to use the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) to get a rubber stamp?

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John Kerry enlists help of old white people from Hollywood to battle ISIS. The meeting concluded with Kerry getting a unanimous vote approving the Heinz 72 Virgins division coming out with a new seasoning called Mrs. Daesh. It’s loaded with poison and will kill ISIS users after they sprinkle it on and eat their goat-burgers .

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Republicans Prefer Blunt Talk About Islamic Extremism, Democrats Favor Caution. Based upon Pew’s surveys, Republicans appear to be like their chosen mascot, the bull elephant. We suggest the Democrats switch from the donkey to the ostrich.


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Ohio Bloodbath: Muslim Muhammad Barry Named Machete Attacker Hacking People in Nazareth Restaurant. Vetted by King Barry.

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New ISIS ‘HELP DESK’ to Aid Muslims Hiding from Western Authorities. For money press 1, for safe houses press 2, for IED instructions press 3, for fake passports press 4……

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Moonbat Gloria Steinem Equates Sharia Law With… Christian Theocracy? Some people just were not born with the common sense gene like liberals and Democrats for example.

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DENMARK: 17-year-old girl who successfully fended off a would-be (Muslim?) rapist by using pepper spray is now facing criminal charges. Evidenty rape is OK but using pepper spray to stop it isn’t.

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FBI thwarts mass shooting at Milwaukee Masonic Temple. Yet another peaceful Muslim jihadist. He didn’t go to Wally World and buy machine guns and a silencer. Appear’s he’s a US citizen, but if not we’d say he’s another great example of vetting.Samy Mhamed Hamzeh

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New York Police Department Ordered to “Purge” Records About American Muslims. If you like your jihad you can keep your jihad.

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