Hey @JohnKasich, you left this awesome Bill Clinton letter off your ‘Defending the Second Amendment’ policy webpage. Kasich – bold defender of your 2nd Amendment rights and the American way.

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‘At least 12 die’ after gunmen open fire in Ivory Coast resort. Must have been white, conservative, Lutheran, NRA members and Trump fans.

A military official told Le Monde Afrique that gunmen ordered their victims to shout “Allahu Akbar” before shooting them and that one jihadi was killed while two others fled. Local reports claimed the gunmen shouted “Allahu Akbar” as they opened fire, though it was not immediately clear who was behind the attack.

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‘Why? Why? Why?’ — 21 shot over 20 hours in Chicago. That’s like 1 per hour. We have to assume the Guinness Book of Records is too scared to go there to verify. Democrats please tell us again how wonderful gun-control is.

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Chumlee from ‘Pawn Stars’ Arrested During Sexual Assault Raid. Guns, meth, pot. We know it’s not politics but it’s amusing. Looks like what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas. He better hope what happens in jail stays in jail.


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OH, LOOK: The NY Times Editorial Board Is Lying To Their Readers Again. Propaganda prevails at the NYT. If they ever saw a real AR-15 they’d fill their Depends.

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Obama’s America: What Navy SEALS are being forced to do now is DESPICABLE. The way Obama’s going soon they’ll be sent overseas on missions with slingshots.

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FBI: One third of murdered blacks ‘killed by someone they knew.’ Yes those black lives matter….kinda. Al? Jesse? Obama? Where’s your outrage?

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Gun Owners of America Endorses Ted Cruz for President. Well this seems like a pretty good endorsement to us. Whether others will remains to be seen.

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Celebrities to Wear Gun Control Bracelets at Oscars While Surrounded by Massive Increase in Armed Security. OK. Like we needed another reason not to watch the Oscars. Can you spell hypocrites?


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Ex-Girlfriend Charged With Giving Guns to Kansas Shooter. About time someone started using existing gun laws.

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Sheriff: Just before shootings, Kansas gunman was served with court order banning him from contact with someone he abused. As usual a restraining order did a lot of good. We’ll bet the plant where this happened is also a gun-free zone. It also sounds like perhaps he was a convicted felon and may have been barred having guns. Another gun-control success story.


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Park County sheriff’s deputy killed, two others wounded while serving eviction notice. What? Not a right-wing Republican member of the Tea Party? Won’t hear a lot about this we expect. Prayers for the dead and wounded deputies.

Property records list the resident of the home as Martin Wirth, who once ran for state Senate  (Green Party) and has been listed as an Occupy Denver activist. The records show he defaulted on the house in 2013 and that foreclosure proceedings followed.

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Judge Sentences Ex-California Senator Leland Yee to Five Years for Racketeering. Alternate headline: Clinton appointee lets Democrat corrupt criminal slide with a whopping 5 year sentence. Good thing for him he wasn’t a Republican.


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Homicides in Chicago running nearly double from last year. Yet another gun control success story. Score: 32 shot, 3 dead over the weekend. A total of 416 shootings this YTD. No doubt the guns and the NRA will get the blame.

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Facing up to 96 Years in Prison: Nevada Federal Grand Jury Indicts Cliven Bundy and Four Others. Looks like they’ll have a trial. Our first big question, considering the Obama administration’s propensity to refuse to hand over documents, is when their attorney’s ask for discovery how much will the government refuse to hand over?  Our second big question is will the government confiscate Bundy’s ranch using asset forfeiture laws?

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Mass Murder in Obama’s Hometown, But 1 Fact Means the Media Won’t Cover It. Reporting mass murder is now selective as far as the mass media is concerned. H/T poppajoe49

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Scalia_1Senior U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia found dead at West Texas ranch. RIP. In our book he was the best judge on SCOTUS. Better start stocking up on guns, ammo, more guns and yet more ammo. Obama and his buddies like Bloomberg et al, are no doubt salivating already. We hope the Republicans dig their heels in on any appointment until after the election. We won’t hold our breath.

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Court overturns order keeping ‘Fast and Furious’ documents secret. Nice but not anything to get excited about. The Obama administration will fight this all the way to SCOTUS.

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FBI has Oregon Militia Surrounded, Agents in Armored Vehicles. There’s a live stream going on right now or at least until the FBI jams their cell phones. The FBI has confirmed they have surrounded the refuge.

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State Rep Starts Carrying Gun After These Shocking Encounters With Hillary’s Goons.  Be glad it wasn’t her flying monkeys.

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DC gun case gets new judge after appeals court ruling. Let’s see, we’re not getting what we want from the Bush appointee, let’s go judge shopping for a Clinton appointee who will rule in our favor. Corrupt much?

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NRA chief warns: Next president ‘gets the Supreme Court.’ We see lots of people on Twitter who claim the will not vote or will write in if their chosen one isn’t the candidate for POTUS in the 2016 election. This prompts us to ask who do you think Hillary or Bernie (or even Biden), will try to put on SCOTUS if elected? Those who stay home or don’t vote for the Republican candidate deserve what they’ll get the next 4 to 8 years.

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OREGON RANCHER WAS SHOT NINE TIMES, APPEARS STOLEN 9MM PLANTED ON HIM AFTER THE FACT. Someone needs to seriously investigate this. High-res video, dash cams, sound, testimony from everyone under oath.

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Maryland’s Landmark Assault Weapons/High-Cap Mag Ban Takes A Hit. Time for the NRA to sue the libtards in California about this infringement upon everyone’s rights.

“Maryland’s ban on commonly owned firearms and magazines clearly violates our fundamental, individual right to keep and bear arms for self-defense.”

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Concealed Carrier With Epic ‘Stache Saves Texas Deputy. One for the good guys. Yet the liberals think no one but them should have a gun or carry one.

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