Pro-Abortion University Staffer Calls for Raping Pro-Life College Students. Sadly, this is what passes for a college professor these days.  If we had a kid going to Purdue he or she would have already been yanked out.

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Moonbat Gloria Steinem Equates Sharia Law With… Christian Theocracy? Some people just were not born with the common sense gene like liberals and Democrats for example.

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NARAL is furious that Doritos is ‘humanizing fetuses’ it its Super Bowl ad. Looks like they think Doritos is cutting in on their action.


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Sanders a hit with Millennial women: After years of serious contemplation we finally understand millennial feminists. All they really want is for some rich old white guy to take care of them.

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Massive Coverup Exposed In Sweden As Media, Cops Hid Migrant Sex Attacks. The real question is why the massive cover-up that includes most of Europe and the MSM in Europe the US? Who’s running the show? Also strange Obama and the fem-Nazis are silent on this act of terrorism.

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National Organization For Women Defends Rolling Stone Gang Rape Fabricator. Yet they ignore the mass rapes in Europe on New Year’s Eve by Muslim rape gangs. Must be the Kool Aid.

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German feminists side with Muslims over female rape victims. Don’t try to follow their logic–it’s bad for your brain.

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