Judicial Watch Lawsuit Uncovers New Hillary Clinton Email Withheld from State Department. Another day another Hillary lie, this time about when she started using her server.

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Experts see little chance of charges in Clinton email case. So let’s drop the charges against Edward Snowden and pardon Bradley Manning and General Petraeus while we’re at it.

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Clinton IT specialist who has been granted immunity in FBI email investigation ‘has proven to be a devastating witness.‘ We’re starting to wonder if there’s a threshold where the government won’t be able to ignore this anymore.

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FBI could force us to turn on iPhone cameras and microphones, says Apple. Another piece of the FBI vs. Apple pie.

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Jeanette Finicum says she will sue over death of husband LaVoy. After watching this timed video of what’s going on inside and outside of the truck we’d say she has a good case.

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Comey’s FBI makes waves. Shame on him pissing off all of Obama’s buddies. Off to the gulag with him!

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FBI agents under investigation for possible misconduct in LaVoy Finicum shooting. Post shooting lying and coverup by other agents is alleged. Below is synched video of inside their truck and the FBI vidieo. The shooting starts just past the 5:00 minute mark.

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Feds refer Exxon climate claims to FBI. Perhaps they should make the board of directors at Exxon wear a scarlet CH on their clothing for Climate Heretic. Meanwhile, large Democrat donor Warren Buffet mysteriously gets a pass for saying “…climate change should not be on your list of worries.”

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Justice Dept. grants immunity to staffer who set up Clinton email server. Will this person be snuffed? Poison? Car wreck? Suicide with 3 shots to the head? That sound you hear is Hillary’s butt puckering.

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New FBI Counter Extremism Site Fails to Mention IslamismBased on this the FBI should drop trying to force Apple to crack the cell phone. They weren’t terrorists, they were only Islamists.

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