Angela Merkel suffers dramatic setback in regional elections. She’s screwed Germany and Europe over letting the Muslim “refugees” which is in turn is creating the circumstances for the rise of a 4th Reich.

merkel Heill Salut

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Slovenia First to Implement EU, Turkey Refugee Deal.  No more refugees without valid passports and visas. Turkey, a Muslim country evidently could care less about their fellow Muslims unless the EU is kicking them piles of cash.

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Hard right stuns with huge election gains in Frankfurt. This is caused by Merkel flying in the face of common sense and pissing off the natives by bringing in 10’s of thousands of Muslim refugees, many who aren’t very nice. Perhaps the Germans should start practicing their seig heil salute.

The anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD) stole huge amounts of votes off the established political parties in elections in central Germany, while a small neo-Nazi party won 17 percent in one district.

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Former Mexican President wants to see US and Mexico merge into one entity, not a wall. Here’s the real reason Obama is letting hordes of illegal aliens cross the border into the United States. Part of the One World Order plans. Same reason the Muslims are running rampant in Europe. The more they get regions to merge the easier to eventually take over with one supreme government. Fox should be called ex-President Pendejo. This also seems to make sense when you think about the GOPe wanting Mexican Mitt for POTUS.

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’60 Minutes’ TV crew attacked and beaten in Sweden. We have little doubt the attacks will ever be seen on TV and that 60 Minutes will edit that part out and only show the nice Muslim people living in harmony.


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Sweden’s Trademark Universal Healthcare On Its Deathbed. Yep, the “free” stuff is coming to an end, turns out it’s not free nor is it fast. With the “free” stuff if you like your cancer you can keep your cancer.

“Visitors are sometimes surprised to learn about year-long waiting times for cancer patients.”

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Man with 2 handguns, Quran, partner arrested at Disneyland Paris. There must be a fatwah against Mickey Mouse no one’s heard of.

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DENMARK: 17-year-old girl who successfully fended off a would-be (Muslim?) rapist by using pepper spray is now facing criminal charges. Evidenty rape is OK but using pepper spray to stop it isn’t.

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Danish City Makes Pork Mandatory On Municipal Menus, Including For Schools And Daycare Centers In Randers, Denmark, it’s “Pork, the other white meat” for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Too bad the rest of Europe doesn’t follow suit and tell the Muslims to keep their culture to themselves or go back.

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CENSORED BY FACEBOOK FOR “HATE SPEECH” – 16-year-old German girl’s lament about the Muslim invasion. Evidently Mark Zuckerberg thinks raping is OK. If so, he should send his wife to Germany and tell her to walk around and enjoy.

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UK penis study measures 15,521 to calculate average length. You have to admire the Brits’ perseverance—when they start something they stick to it.

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Journalists Attacked In Calais Migrant Camp, Pro-Immigration Activists Urge Them To Remove Evidence From Internet. My, my, look at what those women and children did. Should we blame it on global warming or lack of jobs.

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Swedish Police Instructed to Withhold From Public Suspects’ Skin Color and Ethnicity to Avoid Being Labeled Racist. This crap goes on in the US, too. We frequently see descriptions of criminals such as “a male, 6’2″ wearing a baseball cap, white t-shirt and jeans. If you see this man call the police,” which could be half the city.

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‘We told you so,’ Eastern Europe tells Germany. Dumpkopfs! You gotta love this news site.

“There are no bastards on this earth more abominable and more destructive than these liberal pigs who are digging Europe’s grave,” wrote the conservative news site Magyar Idök.

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New Anti-Rape Instruction Video for Euro Women Out. Since you can’t get guns this should help.

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Massive Coverup Exposed In Sweden As Media, Cops Hid Migrant Sex Attacks. The real question is why the massive cover-up that includes most of Europe and the MSM in Europe the US? Who’s running the show? Also strange Obama and the fem-Nazis are silent on this act of terrorism.

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German feminists side with Muslims over female rape victims. Don’t try to follow their logic–it’s bad for your brain.

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After 1 million migrants, Europe’s borders are back. Kinda backfired on those new world order people, didn’t it?

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