Nearly 50 Georgia correctional officers arrested for drug trafficking. Looks like the guards are as bad or worse than the inmates.

“Allegations range, of course, from smuggling in contraband to our inmates here, but also using their official capacity as officers to protect what they believe to be drug transactions and drug shipments traveling through Georgia,”

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Feds say Sean Penn played journalist to skirt law in El Chapo meeting. Spicoli’s subterfuge may come back to haunt him.

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DEA Releases New Drug Overdose Death Figures: Guns Safer than Prescription Drugs. Yet more proof the real goal is gun confiscation not safety.


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‘El Chapo,’ Mexican Drug Lord, Sat for Interview With Sean Penn. The NSA shows what a great job they’re doing again. Penn met with El Chapo several months ago, too. Here’s the link to the Rolling Stone interview.

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Mexican president: drug lord Chapo Guzman re-arrested. Evidently someone didn’t get their mordida this week.

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