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Trump: ‘I Had Absolutely Nothing to Do With’ National Enquirer Story on Alleged Cruz Mistresses. Trump be like doing a Sergeant Schultz….I see nothing, I hear nothing, I know nothing.

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UTAH CAUCUS: First hand insider report – Incompetence, Manipulation, and Ballot Stuffing!!! Evidence of voter fraud by the GOPe in Utah? Read this and see what you think.

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Ku Klux Klan Grand Dragon Will Quigg Endorses Hillary Clinton for President. Time for Hillary to turn in her pantsuits and stock up on white sheets.

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Marco Rubio drops out of presidential race. OK, Rubio couldn’t carry his own state of Florida, so Rubiowe’re down to Trump, Cruz and Kasich.

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Singer Chris Brown goes on race-filled, profanity-laced tirade urging black mobs to confront Trump fans. Yeah baby! Let’s throw some gasoline on the fire.

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Pat Caddell: When Trump Finds Out Kasich Voted for NAFTA, Kasich Will Lose Ohio. That should make all the UAW members in Ohio think twice about who they’ll vote for.

- by CO2Insanity | 7 comments | Share Link Takes Credit for Assault on Trump’s Rally Tonight. Take a guess who pumps money into Good old George Soros. Like Trump or not you can’t reasonably blame him for this put-on protest and riot when it’s sponsored and manned by paid “activists.”

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The 1968 Chicago Democrat National Convention – Police vs. Protesters. Look familiar? We had special snowflakes back then too, only they protested the Democrats, which in Democrat controlled Chicago is beyond bizarre.

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Trump postpones Chicago rally over security concerns. Now Trump is polarizing people without even showing up. Nice to see the lovely left again refusing to let anyone with a different opinion speak.

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CONFIRMED: Ben Carson to endorse Donald Trump for President tomorrow. Well there you have it.

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Facebook’s Zuckerberg calls on Supreme Court to let illegal immigrants work. This guy and his billionaire buddies who want cheap labor and bring in people on H1B visas who work for half-price are yet another reason we have Trump. They throw American workers under the bus every chance they get. Wait a bit and they’ll be advocating illegal aliens should be allowed to vote to ensure him and his buddies get a President who will bend over for them.

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HuffPo’s Grim: 54 Private Jets at Meeting to Stop Trump. There’s a lot of butt puckering going on about Trump. Their goal is the status quo and they don’t care who gets elected at this point as long as it’s not Trump. This is another big reason for Trump’s popularity. The people are angry at their President and the do-nothing Congress. Something that still hasn’t penetrated the GOPe’s thick skulls.

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An Appeal to Our Fellow Catholics. Yes you read right, religion is now making it’s way into the 2016 Republican race. Quite amazing considering many liberals have a propensity to claim that there should be a separation of church and state. While we don’t know everyone who signed the appeal, we feel safe in saying that many are probably liberal Democrats who would be appalled if the same group of Christians appealed to the entire Christian religion not to vote for Bernie Sanders because he’s Jewish.

Think this is unprecedented in U.S. history? If you do you’re wrong. Using Mr. Sherman’s Wayback Machine we’ll travel back in time to 1960 when it was John F. Kennedy vs. Richard M. Nixon for POTUS.

Remember, JFK was a Roman Catholic and back then the Protestants didn’t trust them. In fact there had never been a Catholic President of the United States of America. Below is what a group of 150 Protestant ministers did in an attempt to cause JFK to forfeit the election.

In September, a group of 150 Protestant ministers met in Washington and declared that Kennedy could not remain independent of Church control unless he specifically repudiated its teachings. Days later Senator Kennedy received an invitation to address the Greater Houston Ministerial Association. Kennedy’s candid and eloquent performance in Houston won nearly universal praise from the press and film of his talk was used extensively by the JFK campaign. In addition, more than 500,000 copies of his remarks were distributed to clergy, especially Protestant clergy, around the nation. The religious issue never surfaced again in a way which demanded the candidate’s full attention, but continued to bubble just beneath the surface until Election Day. Vice President Richard Nixon, the Republican nominee, accused the Kennedy campaign of using the Houston film in predominantly Catholic urban areas in order to stimulate voter turnout.

Frankly we don’t think this will dissuade many Catholics or anyone else from voting for Trump if that’s who they’re voting for. Considering that the Pope has been sticking his socialist nose into U.S. politics where it doesn’t belong we wouldn’t be surprised if he put his people up to this.

The real surprise of this isn’t that it’s not unprecedented, it’s that they denigrate Trump yet ignore abortion fans Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. All things being equal we think this group should have included them along with Trump.

Politics, never a dull moment.

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1,000 Blue Collar Workers Switch Parties to Vote for Donald Trump in Youngstown, Ohio. We’d rather fight than switch is now pas·sé.

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Former Mexican President wants to see US and Mexico merge into one entity, not a wall. Here’s the real reason Obama is letting hordes of illegal aliens cross the border into the United States. Part of the One World Order plans. Same reason the Muslims are running rampant in Europe. The more they get regions to merge the easier to eventually take over with one supreme government. Fox should be called ex-President Pendejo. This also seems to make sense when you think about the GOPe wanting Mexican Mitt for POTUS.

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The GOPe has screwed the pooch. This has to be the strangest election in United States history.  Forget Hillary and Bernie, let’s focus on the Republican Party.

The GOPe have turned the 2016 election into a gigantic quagmire that’s degenerating daily. They resemble the Keystone Cops, running amok and clueless about what to do next.

We don’t’ know what GOPe leadership thinks about, but it’s obvious they’ve been pretty much wrong since at least 2008, desperation and chaos now prevail. The only thing they’ve accomplished is aiding and abetting the creation of an elephantine (pun intended) rift in the party.

The GOPe keeps trying to revisit their success of two wins with Bush 43 and they’re not having any luck. They pushed McCain in 2008 and Romney in 2012 (who both lost to Obama) and they’re now sputtering and stammering after JEB suspended his campaign and Super Tuesday’s seeming anointment of Trump by the Republican masses they refuse to acknowledge.

JEB Bush was their designated driver, the guy who was going to save the GOPe’s ass. They wasted a lot of time and over $100 million dollars until they finally slammed on the brakes in the realization JEB isn’t the golden boy.

To this we say duh! JEB comes off like Mr. Rogers and doesn’t even begin to orate like POTUS material. Moreover, there are plenty of Republicans and independent voters who feel two Bush’s in the White House were more than enough and never want to see a Bush in there again. This appears bad juju the GOPe should have been well aware of long ago but chose to ignore.

The GOPe are now terrified because they’re looking at the high probability that Donald Trump will be our next POTUS. Like Frankenstein’s Monster, they created the conditions that brought him to life and now they can’t control him.

With JEB gone the now panicked GOPe started pushing Marco Rubio as the Plan B guy who was going to save the GOP, an idea that didn’t last very long. Due to Trump’s wins on Super Tuesday it quickly materialized that Marco Rubio is not the savior guy as he only won Minnesota. Today he won Puerto Rico but that’s too little too late.

The GOPe have no choice now but Plan C. Plan C may be Ted Cruz as we see some, including Lindsay Graham, are now talking about the GOPe backing him, something they probably should have done at the very beginning instead of placing all their bets on JEB.

One website is claiming Romney has secretly registered to run in the election with Paul Ryan has his Vice President. This could be an indication that Plan C may be to run Romney again, but without further confirmation who knows? Thus far Romney maintains he’s not running.

While a successful businessman in his own right, Romney doesn’t garner much political respect in many circles after losing the 2012 election.  He puked out and wouldn’t get agressive. He apparently figured he’d get elected because he’s such a nice guy something – something. Then he about disappeared off the map before the election, handing the win to Obama.

Now it’s 2016 Mitt has seemingly found his political balls. So what does he do when he finds them? He attacks Trump, calls him all sorts of things, alleges his income tax returns may have problems and gives a left-handed endorsement of Cruz and Rubio and even (gasp!) Kasich. AKA the new GOPe chant of ‘anybody but Trump!’

His speech is seen by many and us (Trump fans or not) as sour grapes and one can smell the GOPe’s desperation. The result is the speech has only served to further alienate Trump fans and others and has probably increased Trump’s popularity. Violating Reagan’s 11th Commandment can obviously have painful consequences.

The GOPe may still have a very short window to throw everything including the kitchen sink into a Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio campaign and beat Trump fair and square (in a sleazy kind of political way). Again, we don’t think Marco can pull it off with the voters as he’s too far behind on delegates. Cruz at 300 delegates, is not that far behind Trump’s 384 and there’s that thing called time.

If they can’t get Cruz in with the voters it appears their only choice is to have a brokered convention and attempt to knock Trump out of the ballpark by getting Cruz or Rubio in. The longshot would be they somehow gerrymander Romney in, if he runs. If they do knock Trump out, we expect he will burn the pledge he signed and run 3rd party taking a lot of votes with him.

Regardless who ends up being the candidate, the GOPe will have problems. They’ve created a situation where no one seems willing to vote for anyone but their own guy and if their guy isn’t the GOP candidate they’ll either stay home or write in their guy’s name, probably resulting in Hillary as POTUS. They also need to come to the realization that just about the entire Republican Party has little or no respect for them and start grovelling for forgiveness.

If they’re going to go after Trump, the Romney-type speeches and specious attack ads aren’t going to make it. We all see that every time someone disses Trump it turns into a positive for him. They need to stop slinging mud at Trump and start putting out positives about their Plan C candidate, not to mention throwing every dollar they can into the election of their Plan C guy. If they can’t unite enough people then the Republican Party could end up going extinct. Or perhaps they should back Trump and bet he’ll be better than Hillary.

Like President Abraham Lincoln said “A house divided cannot stand,” which is paramount advice to the entire GOP in this election year.


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Orange Romney. What is it with orange billionaires? I about spewed out my coffee this morning when I saw orange Romney dissing orange Trump on Fox News Sunday. Perhaps we should all invest in the orange spray-tan industry.

Orange Romney

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Feds Investigate Glenn Beck For Trump Threat. Frankly we’ve listened to the tape numerous times and can’t really figure out if he was talking about Trump, or as claimed, his employee. Evidently the Secret Service thinks it was the former.

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10 Mitt Romney Scandals That Shouldn’t Be Forgotten. We guess the thing about he who casts the first stone better be squeaky clean isn’t  the Book of Mormon.

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Comedy Gold Highlight from Last Night’s GOP Debate. We thought this was just plain funny regardless who you’re rooting for.

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Lindsey Graham: ‘We May Be In A Position Where We Have To Rally Around Ted Cruz.’ Lindsey wants to stop Trump. There’s a video at the link.

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The Super Tuesday election results are in. Trump didn’t take them all. Should Kasich and Carson should quit embarrassing themselves and drop out? Or are they perhaps being told to stay in by the GOPe in an effort to ensure Trump doesn’t get enough delegates so they can have a brokered convention?

DRUDGE REPORT 2016® 3.1.16

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Louis Farrakhan praises Donald Trump. We’re beginning to wonder who’s spreading around wads of cash to get the wacko birds to endorse or like Trump to make him look bad.

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NASCAR CEO, race car drivers endorse Trump. Some people not gonna be happy about this one.

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Trump gets first Senate endorsement. Well you can’t honestly say sessions isn’t a conservative. We’d bet that by tomorrow he’ll be known as a RINO in some circles.

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