Thousands Pledge to Get Arrested in D.C. Protests Next Month. We can all guess who this traces back to. You can bet their pledges and rules are just plausible deniability for when they start breaking shit and injuring people.

  1. We will use no violence, verbal or physical, toward any person.
  2. We will maintain an attitude of openness and respect toward all we encounter in our actions.
  3. We will not destroy or damage any property.
  4. We will carry no weapons or any means of physical defense, including shields.
  5. We will not wear masks or otherwise conceal our faces or identities.
  6. We will exercise personal and collective responsibility to ensure that all participants adhere to this agreement.
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Judicial Watch Lawsuit Uncovers New Hillary Clinton Email Withheld from State Department. Another day another Hillary lie, this time about when she started using her server.

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Longshore union gives Sanders a pre-Washington caucus boost. Hillary seen flying around on her broom calling her flying monkeys up.

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Report: Marines Brace for Mandatory ‘Sensitivity Training.’ Obama’s latests project – turning male Marines into femboys.

Janna Smith, an 18 year old Marine Corps poolee from Recruiting Sub-Station Livonia, conducts the flexed-arm hang during Recruiting Station Detroit’s bi-annual female pool function at the Boys and Girls Club of Troy, Mich., June 20, 2015. The flexed arm hang is the first of three events the poolees performed during their Initial Strength Test. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. J.R. Heins/Released)

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SunEdison Plummets On Imminent Bankruptcy; Axiom Sees “The Beginning Of The End” And 85% More Downside. Last guy to leave the building please turn out the lights…oh nevermind…they’re already out.


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Belgium Terrorists Can Still Enter U.S. Without a Visa. Way to go Obama administration. Someone should turn off the beacon on the Statue of Liberty and put a closed for remodeling sign on it until the next President is sworn in.

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Documents reveal coordination between State, Clinton nonprofit. No conflict of interest here, please move on, nothing to see.

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California Allows Non-Citizens to Vote, Which is Illegal, So Every California Vote should be Disqualified. Interesting concept. We wonder if anyone will sue over this?

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Experts see little chance of charges in Clinton email case. So let’s drop the charges against Edward Snowden and pardon Bradley Manning and General Petraeus while we’re at it.

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Hillary Can’t Get This Group To Support HerWhat happens when you let Bernie move you way to the left.

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Ku Klux Klan Grand Dragon Will Quigg Endorses Hillary Clinton for President. Time for Hillary to turn in her pantsuits and stock up on white sheets.

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Bernie to Sheriff Joe Arpaio: ‘Watch Out,’ If I’m Elected:

“It’s easy for bullies like Sheriff Arpaio to pick on people who have no power, but if I’m elected president, the president of the United States does have the power,” said the Democratic presidential candidate.

It’s easy for bullies like Bernito Sanders to pick on the people he assumes have no power. To marginalize people that produce things. To dismiss the people that just want to make their decisions without the involvement of a bureaucratic oligarchy subverting their choice. To attack the people that assume the government works for the citizens and not the other way around. And if this economic fascist gets elected we will be watching out. And with good cause. This bully Sanders will most surely be using the police power of the state to steal from the makers to buy votes from the takers.

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Taxpayers Fund Job Bank for Dem, Clinton Groups. Nice to see the Democrats are now self-perpetuating using your tax dollars.

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Second State employee refuses GOP questions on Clinton server. This just keeps getting deeper all the time.

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Singer Chris Brown goes on race-filled, profanity-laced tirade urging black mobs to confront Trump fans. Yeah baby! Let’s throw some gasoline on the fire.

- by CO2Insanity | 24 comments | Share Link Takes Credit for Assault on Trump’s Rally Tonight. Take a guess who pumps money into Good old George Soros. Like Trump or not you can’t reasonably blame him for this put-on protest and riot when it’s sponsored and manned by paid “activists.”

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Donald Trump Surrounded by Secret Service as Man Tries Rushing Stage. Nutbag protester season is officially open.

Trump State Rusher

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Hillary’s America. Trailer for Dinesh D’Souza’s new flick. H/T whiskey6

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The 1968 Chicago Democrat National Convention – Police vs. Protesters. Look familiar? We had special snowflakes back then too, only they protested the Democrats, which in Democrat controlled Chicago is beyond bizarre.

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Trump postpones Chicago rally over security concerns. Now Trump is polarizing people without even showing up. Nice to see the lovely left again refusing to let anyone with a different opinion speak.

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Kloppenburg: I misspoke in saying Lincoln had slaves. Just what everyone wants, a Supreme Court judge (Wisconsin Supreme Court) who can’t remember what she was thinking. Does she remember the Constitution or Wisconsin state laws? Evidently she doesn’t remember history. Or was this a failed propaganda attempt? H/T Joe Redfield

“I don’t remember what I was thinking when I said it,” Kloppenburg said during a meeting with reporters and editors of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Joanne Kloppenburg; Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate; assistant attorney general

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Clinton IT specialist who has been granted immunity in FBI email investigation ‘has proven to be a devastating witness.‘ We’re starting to wonder if there’s a threshold where the government won’t be able to ignore this anymore.

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Four Out of Five of Obama’s Supreme Court Finalists Are Obama Donors. Not massive donations but there’s one real big problem they all share – Obama wants them. Remember Senators Mitch McConnell and Chuck Grassley – NO! NO! NO! a thousand times NO! NO hearings and NO votes.

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California State Senator Doesn’t Want You to Think His Brothers Running a Taxi Company Influences His Bottling up Bills that Would Make Things Easier for Uber Drivers. If you can’t smell the corruption and nepotism here then you have a problem.

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California raises tobacco buying age to 21. Wow! Look what the liberals in Sacramento just accomplished. In one fell swoop they passed a law that will:

  1. Seldom be enforced.
  2. Give the police something stupid to do instead of going after real criminals.
  3. Probably clog the overloaded court system further.
  4. Potentially maintain or increase the overcrowded prison population while the libs keep trying to empty the jails out via early release. (Cognitive dissonance).
  5. Increase California’s nanny state powers.
  6. Create a new black market for drug dealers. Want some smokes with your meth young man?

We hope Jerry Brown has enough brains to veto this moronic law, but don’t count on it.

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