Thousands Pledge to Get Arrested in D.C. Protests Next Month. We can all guess who this traces back to. You can bet their pledges and rules are just plausible deniability for when they start breaking shit and injuring people.

  1. We will use no violence, verbal or physical, toward any person.
  2. We will maintain an attitude of openness and respect toward all we encounter in our actions.
  3. We will not destroy or damage any property.
  4. We will carry no weapons or any means of physical defense, including shields.
  5. We will not wear masks or otherwise conceal our faces or identities.
  6. We will exercise personal and collective responsibility to ensure that all participants adhere to this agreement.
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Judicial Watch Lawsuit Uncovers New Hillary Clinton Email Withheld from State Department. Another day another Hillary lie, this time about when she started using her server.

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Brussels bombers DID plan to attack nuclear power station as police uncover 12 hours of footage jihadists filmed outside a plant director’s home. Europe has so screwed itself. Someone should wake up about what King Barky is doing.

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UTAH CAUCUS: First hand insider report – Incompetence, Manipulation, and Ballot Stuffing!!! Evidence of voter fraud by the GOPe in Utah? Read this and see what you think.

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Documents reveal coordination between State, Clinton nonprofit. No conflict of interest here, please move on, nothing to see.

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Experts see little chance of charges in Clinton email case. So let’s drop the charges against Edward Snowden and pardon Bradley Manning and General Petraeus while we’re at it.

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Taxpayers Fund Job Bank for Dem, Clinton Groups. Nice to see the Democrats are now self-perpetuating using your tax dollars.

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Jared Fogle reportedly beaten up in prison. Today’s feel good post!


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If you want quick crime statistics for California here’s ‘Open Justice.’ Lots of data on various criminal activities.

State of California Department of Justice   OpenJustice

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‘At least 12 die’ after gunmen open fire in Ivory Coast resort. Must have been white, conservative, Lutheran, NRA members and Trump fans.

A military official told Le Monde Afrique that gunmen ordered their victims to shout “Allahu Akbar” before shooting them and that one jihadi was killed while two others fled. Local reports claimed the gunmen shouted “Allahu Akbar” as they opened fire, though it was not immediately clear who was behind the attack.

- by CO2Insanity | 4 comments | Share Link Takes Credit for Assault on Trump’s Rally Tonight. Take a guess who pumps money into Good old George Soros. Like Trump or not you can’t reasonably blame him for this put-on protest and riot when it’s sponsored and manned by paid “activists.”

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Hillary’s America. Trailer for Dinesh D’Souza’s new flick. H/T whiskey6

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The 1968 Chicago Democrat National Convention – Police vs. Protesters. Look familiar? We had special snowflakes back then too, only they protested the Democrats, which in Democrat controlled Chicago is beyond bizarre.

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Clinton IT specialist who has been granted immunity in FBI email investigation ‘has proven to be a devastating witness.‘ We’re starting to wonder if there’s a threshold where the government won’t be able to ignore this anymore.

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FBI could force us to turn on iPhone cameras and microphones, says Apple. Another piece of the FBI vs. Apple pie.

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Jeanette Finicum says she will sue over death of husband LaVoy. After watching this timed video of what’s going on inside and outside of the truck we’d say she has a good case.

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Migrants are being taught about gay sex, how to make love while pregnant and how to find the female G-spot in illustrated manuals distributed in Germany. No wonder they’re all fired up and running around raping women and children. Probably not one word about consent or child molesting laws.

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‘Why? Why? Why?’ — 21 shot over 20 hours in Chicago. That’s like 1 per hour. We have to assume the Guinness Book of Records is too scared to go there to verify. Democrats please tell us again how wonderful gun-control is.

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Chumlee from ‘Pawn Stars’ Arrested During Sexual Assault Raid. Guns, meth, pot. We know it’s not politics but it’s amusing. Looks like what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas. He better hope what happens in jail stays in jail.


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Comey’s FBI makes waves. Shame on him pissing off all of Obama’s buddies. Off to the gulag with him!

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Lynch indicates DOJ not required to charge Clinton. The 1%’ers don’t want Hillary locked up. Now that JEB is out, she’s their girl. She’s good for their business dealings and will put out like a prostitute for them if she’s elected.

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FBI agents under investigation for possible misconduct in LaVoy Finicum shooting. Post shooting lying and coverup by other agents is alleged. Below is synched video of inside their truck and the FBI vidieo. The shooting starts just past the 5:00 minute mark.

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Hard right stuns with huge election gains in Frankfurt. This is caused by Merkel flying in the face of common sense and pissing off the natives by bringing in 10’s of thousands of Muslim refugees, many who aren’t very nice. Perhaps the Germans should start practicing their seig heil salute.

The anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD) stole huge amounts of votes off the established political parties in elections in central Germany, while a small neo-Nazi party won 17 percent in one district.

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Here Are The 23 Classified Memos Sidney Blumenthal Sent To Hillary Clinton. We guess if you’re employed by the Clinton Foundation above top secret clearance is automatically granted by the government.

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THE DEMOCRATS’ FILTHY FLINT WATER. The Democrat mayor loved it, the Democrat city council voted for it, but somehow the Republicans get the blame for it.

Flint’s city council had voted in favor of the move 7-1. Despite claims about the power of the emergency manager, the switch could not have gone forward without that vote.

We saw the below Tweet and had to put it up. Moore must have OD’ed on Twinkies this morning or his account was hacked.

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