California Allows Non-Citizens to Vote, Which is Illegal, So Every California Vote should be Disqualified. Interesting concept. We wonder if anyone will sue over this?

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CALIFORNIA IS $175 BILLION IN THE RED. Jerry Brown will tell you everything is wonderful because he ignores this elephant in the room. Meanwhile, he wants to blow $60 billion on his choo-choo train to beautiful downtown Delano, CA,

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If you want quick crime statistics for California here’s ‘Open Justice.’ Lots of data on various criminal activities.

State of California Department of Justice   OpenJustice

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California raises tobacco buying age to 21. Wow! Look what the liberals in Sacramento just accomplished. In one fell swoop they passed a law that will:

  1. Seldom be enforced.
  2. Give the police something stupid to do instead of going after real criminals.
  3. Probably clog the overloaded court system further.
  4. Potentially maintain or increase the overcrowded prison population while the libs keep trying to empty the jails out via early release. (Cognitive dissonance).
  5. Increase California’s nanny state powers.
  6. Create a new black market for drug dealers. Want some smokes with your meth young man?

We hope Jerry Brown has enough brains to veto this moronic law, but don’t count on it.

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Carl’s Jr. HQ Moving From Calif. to Nashville; Press Avoids Saying Why. Taxes, regulations, more taxes, more regulations, high cost of living, the rent too high, Jerry Brown, Democrats, liberals, high fuel costs. Enough said? Pretty soon no one will be left in the state but leeches.

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