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Weekly Thread 3/21 – 3/28/2016 Open Discussion

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Michael Savage threatens to withdraw support for Trump over National Enquirer story. Savage says he has sources at the National Enquirer who tell him the story is false, and was carefully worded as innuendo to limit the magazine’s liability.

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Finally, a REAL hate crime against a Muslim. Glasgow shopkeeper Asad Shah was stomped and stabbed to death yesterday… by another Muslim… for posting “Happy Easter” on Facebook.

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Top Judge On Migrant Crisis: ‘Authorities Are No Longer In Charge.’ Germany’s getting a reverse blitzkrieg, Merkel thinks she’s still in charge.

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Trump: ‘I Had Absolutely Nothing to Do With’ National Enquirer Story on Alleged Cruz Mistresses. Trump be like doing a Sergeant Schultz….I see nothing, I hear nothing, I know nothing.

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Thousands Pledge to Get Arrested in D.C. Protests Next Month. We can all guess who this traces back to. You can bet their pledges and rules are just plausible deniability for when they start breaking shit and injuring people.

  1. We will use no violence, verbal or physical, toward any person.
  2. We will maintain an attitude of openness and respect toward all we encounter in our actions.
  3. We will not destroy or damage any property.
  4. We will carry no weapons or any means of physical defense, including shields.
  5. We will not wear masks or otherwise conceal our faces or identities.
  6. We will exercise personal and collective responsibility to ensure that all participants adhere to this agreement.
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Judicial Watch Lawsuit Uncovers New Hillary Clinton Email Withheld from State Department. Another day another Hillary lie, this time about when she started using her server.

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Longshore union gives Sanders a pre-Washington caucus boost. Hillary seen flying around on her broom calling her flying monkeys up.

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Microsoft kills AI chat robot mere hours after creating her. Designed to grow progressively smarter as she interacted with live humans on Twitter, she immediately turned into an evil, racist, incestual sex-promoting, Hitler-loving conspiracy theorist, and finally announced, “donald trump is the only hope we’ve got.”

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National Enquirer says Cruz has five mistresses. The Donald strikes back?

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Portland Restaurant Sabotaged For Having ‘Offensive’ British Empire Theme. The real question is will the bake gay wedding cakes?

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A Top ISIS Leader Killed in Airstrike, Pentagon Says. Yet another “great loss.” We’re playing the world’s tiniest violin.Violin Tiniest

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Brussels bombers DID plan to attack nuclear power station as police uncover 12 hours of footage jihadists filmed outside a plant director’s home. Europe has so screwed itself. Someone should wake up about what King Barky is doing.

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Trump tweets unflattering picture of Ted Cruz’s wife. Donald Trump, all class.

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Kasich rules out VP role but he’s open to running with a Democrat. Another WTF moment from the Looney Tune Buckeye.

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U.S. Customs fudging statistics on number of illegals crossing border. All across the federal government, it’s the same thing: Obama wants to report good numbers to the sheep people, so agencies invent whatever numbers are required to make him look good.

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Jeb Bush endorses Cruz as a ‘consistent, principled conservative.’ This may get Trump even more votes.

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Sea level falling over last six years. This is raw data that Global Warmists haven’t “adjusted” yet. By the time they get done massaging these numbers, Manhattan will be underwater and Jim Hansen will be selling ocean front property in Kansas.

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In Arizona, Kasich comes in fourth out of three. And still won’t quit.

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Emory Students Express Discontent With Administrative Response to Trump Chalkings. Special snowflakes afraid because of ‘Trump’ chalked on sidewalk. Perhaps the USMC should save money turning their recruits into femboys and just recruit straight from Emory.

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Report: Marines Brace for Mandatory ‘Sensitivity Training.’ Obama’s latests project – turning male Marines into femboys.

Janna Smith, an 18 year old Marine Corps poolee from Recruiting Sub-Station Livonia, conducts the flexed-arm hang during Recruiting Station Detroit’s bi-annual female pool function at the Boys and Girls Club of Troy, Mich., June 20, 2015. The flexed arm hang is the first of three events the poolees performed during their Initial Strength Test. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. J.R. Heins/Released)

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UTAH CAUCUS: First hand insider report – Incompetence, Manipulation, and Ballot Stuffing!!! Evidence of voter fraud by the GOPe in Utah? Read this and see what you think.

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SunEdison Plummets On Imminent Bankruptcy; Axiom Sees “The Beginning Of The End” And 85% More Downside. Last guy to leave the building please turn out the lights…oh nevermind…they’re already out.


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Feds join probe after George Mason University students arrested, one with bomb-making materials. Is Bill Ayers teaching here? Just asking.

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Belgium Terrorists Can Still Enter U.S. Without a Visa. Way to go Obama administration. Someone should turn off the beacon on the Statue of Liberty and put a closed for remodeling sign on it until the next President is sworn in.

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